Sunday, October 30, 2005

The New Flatiron Building

I can't believe that there is a new 21st century "Flatiron" building going up in Vancouver on Pender St, 1277 Melville to be exact. I also simply can't believe that it is basically the same as every other building going up in this city. This contemporary style, whatever they are calling it, makes every building seem exactly the same from the outside.

I like windows and glass as much as the next guy - it just a shame that the buildings them become empty looking glass houses. If you are going to pay all that money for your space it shouldn't just be a couple of glass walls should it? The building's only character is associating itself with one of the greatest buildings in New York. We get it. You think you're being clever. But you aren't actually. No, you aren't clever at all, you shouldn't even be able to call it Flatiron. Daniel Burnham is probably rolling over in his grave hearing about this. Seriously this homage more like a really bad, unsatisfying meal or movie. Think of it like CSI: NY to the original, right.

Ad Talk: It's a bird, It's a plane, it's Danger Doom?

I enjoyed reading this month's copy of Vice and really got a kick out of ads for Death Cab for Cutie a few pages away from a pretty scathing review of the new album. WWSC do anyway? Interesting:

Summer: This is a nightmare. I'm sweating to death, driving ten miles an hour on, like, a rickshaw, listening to this... music.
Seth: Hey, do not insult Death Cab.
Summer: It's like one guitar and a whole lot of complaining.

Smoking with Cuban

There was so much smoke in the movie I saw yesterday that it makes you want to start:
  • "Good Night, And Good Luck". I really liked this movie. But what is really good about it was all the: smoking, the old phones and film projectors, the amazing elevator lobby at CBS, the smoke, typewriters, terrible picture quality, black and white, the old promos and ads during the shows, the jazz, and did I mention the smoke. It is a well crafted piece of cinema. Keep your eyes on this George Clooney kid. [Good Night, And Good Luck Official site]
  • Speaking of that movie, I really like this whole 2929 Entertainment business model for Truly Indie. And of course Marc Cuban is deeply involved. Basically 2929 will be doing things like, oh, releasing 6 Steven Soderbergh films simuntaneously in theatres, TV, and DVD which is awesome. [More: Indie Wire and Wired]
  • And last but certainly not least the trailre for Albert Brooks next film is up. "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" looks like it could be pretty cool. And Fred Thompson is in it. Double Fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Media & Ad Notes: From the Hoff to the King

Today is just one of those crazy advertising and media days where everything is coming up Milhouse:

  • It's good to be square. So says this insane and creepy Wendy's site and campaign.
  • Wax The Hoff. This site makes the Wendy's site look downright normal. This is amazingly creepy.
  • Now that those are out of the way. Can you even imagine how amazing this new NIKE Basketball site is? Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful creative. And I'm an Adidas guy.
  • Meanwhile Budget Rental is doing a nicely coordinated brand/creative/viral/word of mouth campaign with Up Your Budget.
  • Hello Marketing. Slate investigates the Burger King mask site phenomenon.
  • I'm not entirely sure about these new Lexus spots. But can you really go wrong with Francois Vogel? Worth the looky. Enjoy the cooky.
  • Niel French you are a crazy bastard. Hart+Larsson, you guys are crackpots. I love what's going on with you. [Ad Rants]
  • Right time. Right place. Right message. Starbucks new ad in the puzzle section of a paper is bang on creatively and strategically. It's a puzzle ad on thier coffee. [Ad Jab]
  • And then, of course, Apple does a very classy ad to remember and pay tribute to the late, great, Rosa Parks. [Apple]

Monday, October 24, 2005

Orange Shirt, Green Shorts

Let me just say for the record: These posts are about as good as it gets tonight.
  • Anyone else feel that the new incarnation of Aquaman, currenly on Smallville (don't ask) is a jerk? Whatever fanboys he's basically a tree hugging eco-terrorist. Just a thought. Lois is still really cute though.
  • The photography of Gregory Crewdson - featured in last month's Esquire - is unbelievable. Seriously.
  • Wake up with the Captain. This is a pretty amazingly goofy take on CP+B's Burger King creepyness. [Via Adrants]
  • I can't believe this story about some insanity at my favorite hotel in New York. And I thought the Hudson was a classy joint. [Gothamist]
  • Poker craze limping into 2006 as ratings slip. It was bound to happen. [TV Week]
  • New Gothamist city launches during Hurricane Wilma. Nicely done. Meet Miamist.
  • Cool Capitals. Very cool site.

Magazine Cover Wars

This is absolutely awesome. I totally heart how the designers of Canada's magazine The Walrus have made the cover remarkably - sorry exactly - like the design of The New Yorker. No wonder I have only read it twice. In fact if you looked at these two magazines and The Atlantic issue currently on newstands you might get confused. They all have the same cover flap designer it appears.

It's not like the content is even remotely the same. But what can explain how these two magazines make their cover teaser flaps look exactly the same. The New Yorker has looked like this as long as I can remember, so The Walrus really is just licking at the grand magazine's table scraps. So I suppose if you are aiming at being the Canadian New Yorker, this is just a tactic. But still, it is quite creepy.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Media Pit Stop

Here are few quick links to keep you going until next week:

Victory or Death: Trafalgar at 200

It was the 200th Anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar this weekend. Celebrating the rise of British dominance of the seas in 1805 and the begining of the end of France as a real power is a pretty amazing day if you ask me.

It is even cooler that 200-years on people are still making a huge deal out of this major battle. Navies from around the world attended and celebrated the victory, including the officers of the USS Bulkeley named for a WWII hero and descendent of a seaman wounded on the HMS Victory during the sea battle. [Andrew Stuttaford, National Review Online] I'm toasting the occasion now with a most delicious glass of Argyle Pinot Noir from Oregon - which is excellent.

This National Geographic article is a good place to start on this historically hot subject as a new group of books gain popularity. But then again, so is the pinot.

Sunday Night Live

Nothing beats an October night that is nicely crisp and very autumn-y and stuff.

The World Series is on, Andy Petitte just picked someone off for the 9th time in post season and this is good. Although this grand slam by Paul Konerko which followed a strange - did it hit Jermaine Dye's bat - call, isn't making me feel very good. Now it's 6-4 Sox. I suppose this will make my friend Cavan happy, which is nice for him.
  • I was looking around the TV dial and heard an ABC promo for thier Halloween episode of George Lopez. Is signing off the promo as "A - Boo - C" really a good idea. Just asking.
  • Mark Steyn finds a little good in the United Nations. It's all about bombing those no good blue Smurfs. "If I were Papa Smurf, I wouldn't want Baby Smurf to grow up in Saddam's Iraq. I don't mean just because we'd be the beleaguered minority of Smurfistan, to be gassed and shoveled into mass graves." Did that just happen? Really. Love it.
  • It's really too bad The West Wing had to detour back to the, well, West Wing. The show about what's happening in a lame duck presidency, with a leaker just isn't as good as the campaign trail of Santos and Vinick. TV Squad called it simply, "booooooooorrrrrrring."
  • The website and poster creative for the new film "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" looks pretty cool.
  • Joy. Kate Beckinsale is back in "Underworld: Evolution". The trailer is up. It looks about the same as the last one but with more Kate. [Official Underworld Evolution site]

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Monkey Business

Sorry for the complete lack of blogging. Projects near and far are taking up my time. Chew on some ad blogging for now, back later:
  • I really like the creative for 10 Cane Rum. The ads, done by Mother, New York are simple, elegant, and cool. The website is insane, it works by typing in words, one word at a time. Then it gives you content based on that. Very cool brand, period. [10 Cane Rum]
  • David Fincher's new ad for the Moto Pebl. What's the deal with ads featuring evolution so much recently.
  • Very odd AMF pension ad with a man confronting his own creepy destiny. Get your hands off me you filthy ape.
  • Serenity Now. This is why the word 'viral' is dead. Well, maybe it is the advertisation of viral. Whatevs.
  • Meanwhile, this Nike piece seems, well, just wierd. [Via Ad Jab]

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Media Talking Points

You mean other stuff happened today after Apple's annoucements? Steve Jobs didn't mention any of this:

  • Wow. Hey Kids, just in time for that special Christmas prezzie. The Playmobile airport security toy playset. [Via Jeff Jarvis & David Kline]
  • You have to appreciate that the US Army spends $200 million, simply on advertising. [Adweek]
  • You have to appreciate that the US Army actually has a $1 billion advertising acount. [Ad Age]
  • Ad report card: The new Miller beer ads. Alabama Worley says, "You are so cool." PS - 12 years since True Romance! Where did that time go people? [Slate]
  • With the celebritization of poker becoming like the already vanishing west (home to rogues, c-grade stars, and James Woods), celebrities suddenly discover the thrill of horse racing. And the $5 million celebrity campaign entitled "Who do you like today?" starts it all off. [Ad Rants]
  • Apple has another annoucement, new meme spreads: potential problems with Google. The hell you say... [Slate]
  • True, or not, the story of the Esquire food critic's 4-page list of demands before reviewing is very smug. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Lost hatch map. And I thought I was into this show. [Lostanswers]

Inside the Apple Club

Apple goes down. Apple goes up.

Bad News: So they sell 6.45 million IPod's and Wall Street beats them up for not selling 7-8 million. [Business Week]

Good News: Apple spends the post earnings hangover by announcing: a better iMac which is probably as thin as paper, a tivo like iMac remote, a video IPod, iTunes 6.0, and you can buy TV shows and music videos for 2 bucks. Watch the new video IPod TV Ad, or the Apple annoucement show. [Gizmodo] the Microsoft HQ in Redmond, a bunch of those new IPods get bought using Internet Explorer and Dell products. Bill Gates silently curses, using his inner monologue. [Or do you think he's like The Joker in the Tim Burton Batman: "Where does he get those wonderful toys!"]

Update: Jeff Jarvis suggests not everybody is in Mac heaven. Honestly, who buys 1st generation stuff anyway.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Angels & Dogs

Best. Tuesday. Ever. Seriously. Take a gander (It's not much, but all wins me thinks):
  • Halos take game 1. Awesome. Angels 3 - WhiteSox 2. [Box Score]
  • Looking for commentary on the Angels? You gotta read Matt Welch's post game wrap up of last night's game.
  • Speaking of Angels. Rory Gilmore dressed in an Army outfit tonight? Yeah, I went there. Paris discovering Marxism, priceless. Yes, I watched Gilmore Girls tonight. So. [The WB]
  • And cap it off with 2 Episodes of Dog: The Bounty Hunter. Are you kidding me? Was Dog really wearing hand-cuff earings? Johnnyho, I expect a full debreifing about how amazing this all was in the AM. Thanks bra.
  • The Tenacious D Movie website is up. Very insane.
  • Aparently raising hundreds of millions in capital gets you a webpage just like this. The Weinstein Brothers ladies and gentlemen. They will be here all week, try the veal. Who needs Disney.

Denny Crane, Eh?

Seriously. Is there anymore fun on television currently than Shatner & Spader on Boston Legal? I doubt it. But did these two guys really go fishing in my backyard, only to end up in court in Port McNeil tonight? Hilarity ensues. [Canadian Press]

Not only did Denny Crane actually shoot a steelhead salmon, but they gave us lines like this: "To see a Florida Panther, you have to go to a hockey game." Love it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Eats: Saltlik

The other day I passed a new restaurant going in downtown. I never expected to go to the website and hear Rockford Files theme music. On Alberni St. the third Saltlik ("A Rare Steakhouse") is opening. The website, which is pretty good and nicely simple, said it would ready in September, but it doesn't seem to be yet.

I hate chains. And this is a Fuller "we own the Earl's chain" Family special (Vancouver Magazine). But my dad mentioned this to me, so it's probably decent. And the new Earl's downtown is pretty fun.

Yanks-Halos Game 5 - III

Okay. When it's the top of 9, game 5 and you're only up by 2, Jeter getting a leadoff hit makes you sweat. However, seeing Alex Rodriguez (nice 2-15 in the series dude) ground into a double-play is so awesome it isn't even funny.

Update: Giambi up with two outs. Singles. Damn. Sheffield is up. He hits. Runners on 1st and 2nd.

Update II: Matsui the soon to be free agent, 0-4 tonight, bats. The Angels outfield are way deep. Womack pinch runs for Sheffield during the at bat. They got speed on the bases now. He grounds out. The Angels are going to the ACLS. Thank god. Although, you can hear Fox Sports Execs crying that nobody will watch the World Series now without NY or Boston.


Because PETA and this whole tofurkey business annoyed me already, I had to post this little gem. Over at Reason's Hit & Run: "Brendan O'Neill explains why the nicest thing you can do for a mink is skin it and wear it."

"What is a fox but a wild dog scrabbling for food on the forest floor, destined to die and rot in a dirthole? The fox worn by Jagger was spared this fate and made into something memorably beautiful."

Wow. Advantage carnavores.

Need to See Movies...

Obviously I'm a bit of a movie blogging kick. No doubt since I haven't seen a movie in well over a month. I'm intrigued by this new Natalie Portman movie, Free Zone.

It's got one bad review over at Imdb, saying that this an "art film at its worst" which seems to contradict the review over at Cinematical. 10 minutes of Portman to start a film about the MidEast. Maybe. Then again, I just watched the Zathura trailer and what the... Let me get this straight, it's like a Jumanji sequel and it's directed by Jon Favreau. I don't get it. Hollywood's getting punk'd right?

Yanks-Halos Game 5 - II

4-2. Anderson hits a sacrifice fly. 5-2. Guerrerro scores on fielder's choice. Giambi proves why he should only DH. Meanwhile the Yankees bring in Randy Johnson. One thing strikes me as odd. How can the Angels expect to win the whole thing with Chone Figgins (questionable defense is putting it lightly, and the 3-20, .150 at the plate is, er, chilly) and Steve Finley (1-10 .100) playing?

Update: Cano-get-no satisfaction. It's always the little things, non? Johnson cruises throught the next inning. And then Santana cruises through his.

Update II: 2-on, Bottom of 6, Chone Figgins...actually walks. Sacks are drunk. Figgins K'd the first three at bats, so he must have been due. The OC steps in - he eats Yankee pitching for lunch. Bet he's glad he's not on Boston this year. But Johnson gets out of the jam. Damn.

Update III: Hideki Matsui has stranded 5 runner tonight. Pops it up again. 4-19, .211 in the post-season thus far. Not very clutch for a .305 hitter. Derek Jeter homers off a fastball to lead off the 7th. Double Damn. 5-3.

Yanks-Halos Game 5

Damn you Yankees! 2-0 in the 2nd. Jeez, I haven't been this positive about the Angels since Wally Joyner played for them in the late 1980's. Bartolo Colon left the game in the 2nd with somesort of shoulder injury. Not good. [Box Score]

Update: Thank the maker. I just started this post, and Garett Anderson rocks Moose Mussina out of the park. 2-1. Thank you. As a side note, the announcers were talking about Mussina, who never left Anehiem, didn't go back to New York for game 4, to prepare for tonights game. Now, what happens if you have a 18-inning barn burner in game 4 and he's not there? Interesting. [2nd Inning link Baseball Musings]

Update II: A single. A walk. Then a shot to the wall at Sheffield and Crosby who, ahem, collide. Bwhahahaha. Joy. Adam Kennedy ends up with a triple. 3-2. [2nd Inning link part deux: Pearly Gates]

The Contender

No. I haven't been watching "Commander in Chief". But maybe I should be. I had no idea it was the brainchild of Rod Lurie. Who? Come on. He was the man who brought us the amazing, shark sandwich eating President Jackson Evans and loud eating Rep. Shelly Runyon to the big screen in 2000's "The Contender". Who knew? Those two characters were amazing.

Can I get over the whole Geena Davis is President thing. Probably not. And now Lurie is out as showrunner anyway and the Cop Rocker Steven Bochco is in. So unless Jeff Bridges pops up as the Commander in Chief, I'm out.

Domino in the Peach Pit

I wasn't all that interested in seeing Domino. [Ed. Whatever. Keira Knightley is in it, don't be silly..] Fine but the reality is that I'm not much of a fan of that insane Donny Darko film, and it's the same writer. But apparently he is insane, including some 90210 references into the film intrigues me. Okay, it's actually quite creepy. Let's not speak of this ever again. [TV Squad]

Happy Thanksgiving

Or South of the border, Happy Columbus day! How deliciously politically incorrect. And I saw a small road protest on the news this morning. Idiots campaigning for a very special "vegetarian Thanksgiving". Come on. Tofo is not any way to celebrate a day of thanks:
  • Bush's supreme court nominee is increasingly being mocked. Instapundit weighs in on the problematic nominee. So how could they have thought this was going to work? I mean was Karl Rove asleep for 5 minutes or what?
  • I'm not sure what I like best about this story. That MP Scott Brison is getting hitched. That his partner's name is really Maxime St. Pierre (That's so wicked). Or that in Nova Scotia, there is actually something called the Pumpkin Regatta. Love it.
  • Something to be thankful for. North Korea increasingly on the road to utter collapse. [Strategy Page]
  • Following up on this morning's sweet Burger King post, this BK Masks site is the best thing ever. Now I know what I'm dressing up as.
  • I love that "Two for the Money" - a slick looking movie with sports and betting, starring Pacino - couldn't even better "In her Shoes" at the box office. I guess as The Defamer notes a, "sweat-slicked Matthew McConaughey working out" isn't enough for anything more than 4th. [Box Office Mojo]

Hail to the King, Baby

Line of the day: "The creepily effete Ronald McDonald will, doubtless, continue to colloborate with the food police." NRO's Andrew Stuttaford praises Burger King's decision not to cut any more salt, fat, or sugar. Add to that the creepy King, and you win.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Another interesting trailer. This time for Syriana - the story based on a veteran CIA operatives adventures in the Middle East as made with George Clooney and Matt Damon.

It looks pretty well done. And another very cool poster. Although Syriana seems to be built from the same team as was "Traffic", this film seems to mostly pursue a philosophically based beef with oil and conspiracy. Of course. But this is based on the real life 21-year CIA career of Robert Baer - and loosley on his bestseller "See No Evil"

So will it be any good? Well if bearded and slightly chubby Clooney is any indication, it will be worth checking out.

Stuffed Apples in Shanghai

All I can say is that, thank the maker for tommorow's holiday. I shaved my disgusting beard off - sorry ladies - and with so many people at work have been sick lately - I tell you the modern day office is a death trap of germs - this weekend of recovery is very much needed. But at least there is plenty of web goodness:
  • I'm pretty sure, this is somewhat old news, but Yahoo!'s first "original multimedia newsgathering" feature is very cool. It's Kevin Sites' "In the Hot Zone". Huge score for Yahoo - and a nice looking interface and content site. Very interesting.
  • Micheal Lewis has an inspired piece on returning to New Orleans. [New York Times Magazine]
  • The West Wing just keeps getting better - no Barlett, or no White House in site 45 minutes into the episode. What an impovement! But really, can Vinick beat Santos? Actually can we get Vinick's VP candidate Sullivan to run - he's hilarious. [TV Squad]
  • Say what you will about R.W. Apple Jr., but man if he doesn't make you want to jump on a plane and get to Shanghai to eat some food. "By that time, I felt fat as a Strasbourg goose, but my eating buddies insisted that we stop at a 24-hour noodle shop on Shandong Zhonglu, behind the Westin, to watch a particularly deft cook do his stuff." You can actually hear Apple getting fatter. But I can't wait to go there next spring. [New York Times]
  • "Well, sir, there's nothing on earth Like a genuine, Bona fide, Electrified, Six-car Monorail. What'd I say?" The fiasco that is Seattle's monorail program gets the attention of The Weekly Standard.

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Even a foreign trailer for Tommy Lee Jone's "Los Tres Entierros de Melquiades Estrada" looks absolutely amazing. Now one of the fine folks at Cinematical thought upon viewing in Toronto, that it was little better than a good Walker Texas Ranger episode.

Ouch. No matter, the French trailer totally rocked - throw in Barry Pepper and the ever charming January Jones and you got yourself a deal, partner. If you're interested the foreign website looks mighty cool too - and it has nicer, larger, video spots. Pretty cool poster too. Which is nice for us.

The Duel: 18 innings of Beauty

It's the top of the 18th inning in Houston and nearly 6 hours of baseball have been played thus far - that's nearly two full games in one. Roger Clemens came on in the 16th and has pitched 41 pitches through 2 plus. David Pinto has a running series of posts at Baseball Musings. This is the longest post-season game in history. [Astros-Braves Box Score]

Update: Clemens just finished his third inning with a K. Onto the bottom of 18, for his 2nd at bat.

Update II: The Astros do it. A roped walk-off home run to left field by Chris Burke. Houston goes to the National League Championship. And, yes, we sure do enjoy Erin Andrews doing the post game interviews on the field. More of her please. In another note, boy the Braves are terrible at sealing the deal.

Tony Blair with a Big Ranch

How can anyone truly hate George W. Bush? It's a question I often ask myself when people I know say really dumb things about him. Anyone who deep down believes that Bush is evil are deluding themselves. But then again, this analogy doesn't do much for me.

Mark Steyn explains perception and reality: "It's a remarkable achievement to get damned day in and day out as the new Hitler when 90 percent of the time you're Tony Blair with a ranch." That pretty much sums it up doesn't it.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

4 8 15 16 23 42...

I'm now unbelievably hooked on "Lost". This whole Hanso Foundation introduction is interesting. What's more interesting is just how good Disney - for such a large corporation - seems to be ad fuel to the fire and egg on the viewers. You see, there is The Hanso Foundation website. And of course, that orientation video of "The Dharma Initiative" for Stage 3, The Swan.

You just know that people are hitting the web instantly to try to figure things out, and the folks at lost seem to be really encouraging that viral participation with websites like the one for the airline and even for the show at Oceanic Flight 815. Maybe this is one too, or this one.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Entering the Mac Universe

Well. It's true. We've switched over to the Mac world. So far, so good - the only hiccup was with the ISP. It's beautiful, so let's take this fancy machine for a blog spin:
  • The video for Sia's "Breathe Me" is incredible. 2,500 poloraid pictures and 3-days of shooting got the look down. [Sceenhead]
  • This trailer for "The Shinning" is unbelievable. It just a sweet tale about a foster father and his son with the sentimental musical touch of Cameron Crowe.
  • And really...could we say enough good things about the new Woody Allen film, Match Point. Who says there aren't 2nd acts in life - Mr. Allen Delivers a beautiful thriller for Scarlett Johansson. [Official Site]
  • Weblogs Inc., according to the rumor mill, is selling out to AOL for a reported $35 million. That's for 75 blogs people. Even a smaller amount would be a huge number. So the $25 million Fishbowl NY is quoting along with the fact that AOL was Weblog's founder Jason Calcanis 4th choice for suitor. And inspite of this news, - somehow still operating - redesigns itself. [Ad Rants]
  • I'm pretty stoked about this tv stunt. "The West Wing" doing a live episode during sweeps. Great idea. [TV Squad]

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hockey is Back

I'll admit it. Today was "hockey jersey" day at work. Now, only those actually playing hockey should ever, and we mean ever, wear those tragic big jerseys. But, despite that, the city was buzzing with hockey returning. And like cherries on a sundae, seeing the home opener and Wayne Gretzky's coaching debut was pretty cool! The Canucks actually winning 3-2, was a total bonus.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Unconventional Wisdom

Everywhere you turn - the Sunday talkers, the newspapers, the powerful bloggers - people are writing the political obituary of George W. Bush and the GOP.

But Howard Fineman wrote this week that the Democrats are at least in the same position. And I suspected that this was the case this morning while watching Clintonite Rahm Emanuel on Meet the Press knowing that the gang at the Huffington Post loved his talking points. Emanuel went on about: "(1)Universal college education;(2)a Budget Summit to address the $3 trillion in debt run up on the national credit card by Republicans; (3)Make the U.S. a Hybrid Energy Economy; (4)Create National Institutes of Science & Technology; (5)Universal health care for workers."

So Fineman is dead right and getting into a nanny state cold war with the Democrats is something the GOP should avoid. That's how the GOP can still win.

Wrapped Spots & Media Talky

We shot 4 tv spots earlier this week. Four. With the help of Triton Films, our director Bradley Walsh - if you live in Canada you've seen his beautiful b&w Globe and Mail spot - and shot by the Red Bull fuelled, Martin Coppen - who has worked on about a million music videos including "Video Killed the Radio Star". It went well, so my beard may be going in two-weeks. (thank god) So let's talk some media:
  • Jeff Jarvis points out that Audi spend .5 percent of it's ad budget on blog ads and that drove 29 of the traffic to the Audi site. [Buzz Machine]
  • Blurring the lines between advertising and viral, Sony's Bouncy Ball ad does the trick. [IFilm]
  • Hollywood wakes up Sunday to discover that Jessica Alba in a bikini only gets you a $7 million opening weekend. It's the plot, stupid. []

Shaking Off The Cobwebs

Sorry for the lack in posting dear readers, it was quite a crazy last 10 days. But let's see if we can regroup, start posting, and return to normal. Let's see if I remember how to do this:
  • Any time you can read about the insane 1861 idea that New York would become a free city named Tri-Insula is good. And the cover photo/article of William F. Buckley in sea captains hat is a total bonus this piece. ["All Politics Are Local" NY Times Mag]
  • The Grandsons of Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt met for a debate 60 years after the real debate at Yalta. Can you even think of what it would be like to be Stalin's grandson after all these years. Then again Russia is the new black in New York City, so go figure. [AP]
  • Mark Steyn reviews the reviews of the media coverage of Katrina. Bonus points for referencing "the dreaded Afghan winter" (... and speaking of Afghanistan - my tv commercial playoff beard is probably good enough for a meeting with warlords over there) The media walks away with a severe limp. A must read for things like this: "Given everything we now know they got wrong in Louisiana, where they speak the language, how likely is it that the great blundering herd are getting it any more accurate in Iraq?" [Chicago Sun Times]