Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Catching Up

Breathing. Finally. Got back and it's been go-go-go ever since. Including having to deal with really half-assed hurricane related publicity events.
  • Mariners Game last night. Amazing. Beautiful night. Saw Derek Jeter's 1,900 career hit, Alex Rodriguez's 40th homer of the season (#421), Ichiro Suzuki's 15th homer, and the Yankees lost (8-3). We call that a win, win, win. The two cute girls sitting in Section 123, Row 35, in front of us - were a total bonus. But what the hell is Mark Bellhorn doing playing for the Yankees? That is sick.
  • I really can't believe what has happened to New Orleans in the wake of New Orleans. It is truly a devastating event. Glenn Reynolds has all the help links here.

Back Thursdayish.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Road Trip To Seatlle Time

Some fat cat downstairs is cooking up a feast of bacon this morning. Bacon on a tuesday? What the heck? Time for a few last minute checks of the interweb before getting on the I-5 and heading south:
  • 22 million fewer bottles. $140 million in lost sales. Ontario wine makers suffer. Bring on the blends. [Globe & Mail]
  • Oxblog weighs some pros and cons of the Hilary in 2008 campaign. Can she get out in front of the anti-war movement? Sorry, should Hilary try that gambit?
  • Russell Crowe stops throwing phone books at hotel staff long enough to toss some verbal grenades on Bono and Bob Geldoff.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Pin Stripes in 24 Hours.

Tonight I work. Tomorow I watch baseball. But really, when did I figure it was cool to go see the Yankees? Giambi's hot 2 long ones tonight and Randy Johnson isn't pitching until Wednesday. What a rip job.
  • Only good can come from Chill-cheesification. Although sliding around in cheese in chilli is the worst idea i've ever heard.
  • Can you imagine being Sara Lee's head of marketing. Delicious cakes in every meeting and on every desk. [Brank Week]

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Oil Spot vs The Future

In Today's New York Times David Brooks highlights the strategy retired Lt. Colonel Andrew Krepinevich is now pushing for in Iraq. It's making its rounds via a new article in Foreign Affairs. The approach, based on the British experience during the 1950's in Malaya, is called, simply, the oil-spot strategy:
Instead of trying to kill insurgents, Krepinevich argues, it's more important to
protect civilians. You set up safe havens where you can establish good security.
Because you don't have enough manpower to do this everywhere at once, you select
a few key cities and take control. Then you slowly expand the size of your safe
havens, like an oil spot spreading across the pavement.

The question this strategy raises, at least as far as Brooks tells it, is how do reconcile this approach with the one the Pentagon has taken in Iraq thus far. It comes down to a test of wills over whether Rumsfeld's 21st century strategy actually works. Brooks suggests it may well work although, "it requires a heavy troop presence, not a light, lean force. Second, it doesn't play to our strengths, which are technological superiority, mobility and firepower. It acknowledges that while we go with our strengths, the insurgents exploit our weakness: the lack of usable intelligence. Third, it means we have to think in the long term."

Certainly things aren't going very well right now. And maybe a new strategy, or a modified one can help break the balance of terror in Iraq once and for all. But that will require Bush to make some serious changes, starting with Rumsfeld. Interesting. Why not Krepinovich himself? I've said it before, Bush needs to get downright Lincolnesque in this fight. Fire some people, get some new blood to fix this and get back into the game.

Related: Meanwhile The Belgravia Dispatch takes the opportunity of Bush's week of speeches on Iraq to review another strategic theory posited by David Warren and others and written about here known as Flypaper. It doesn't get a favorable review.

Complex & Sweet Verona

It's another Sunday. I had to wear a jacket for the first time in months. I hate jackets. Thank goodness for some coffee. Maybe these links will help:

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Bank of Commerce Building

This is the Bank of Commerce Building at 698 W Hastings St. It's a very cool 1906-08 building that seems like it should be more important than a Birks jewelry store these days.

Check out this photo from it's early days. That's amazing.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Highs, Lows, & Dueces Wild

I think it was Ferris Bueller who said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it". That nicely sums up the last 24 hours at work. But on with the show:

  • Hey. Here's a really great idea. Let's build a really bizarre glass skywalk at the Grand Canyon's edge and charge like $25 to get on it. [AP]
  • Then again, maybe I'm the only one who thinks that Mao's underground caves are fairly creepy. [GridSkipper]
  • Matt Welch disects what Paul Depodesta has done to the 2005 Dodgers. It's not pretty. [Matt Welch]
  • Death Cab For Cutie. GMac at work has been playing these guys for the past week or so. It's good. They're from Bellingham, Washington. That's odd. Who knew. [New York Times]

Dog Days of Summer

I'm pretty excited today. It's hot dog day at work. Seriously. But before that...the Artistocrats. No some links:
  • Sure, thier stocks are hot, but France is having another wine scandal. This time George Duboeuf - the prince of Beaujolais - is being accused of topping up the good stuff with the cheap stuff. Whoops. More shocking is that he sells 240,000 cases of his stuff in Canada. Really? [Globe & Mail]
  • Nothing quite finishes off a jolly good set of war games than a really great picnic. [Reuters]
  • Cliff May offers to take Cindy Sheehan to lunch. That would make a pretty good documentary if you ask me. [Foundation for the Defense of Democracies]

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ravioli Bolognese:

We had a pretty impressive executive lunch today at work. We went to Macaroni Grill. It's cheesy but the beef, veal, pork and cheese ravioli was pretty awesome. Too bad the service was as if they were hoping nobody came in for lunch. And then that damned sleep inducing pasta made work very difficult today.
  • Mickey Kaus has an excellent look at the real end game of a Hillary for President run in 2008. I think the word trainwreck is in full effect. [Slate]
  • Everything in France is going to hell but the stocks are tres chaud. What gives here frenchies? [Slate]

That's all I have in me tonight. Sorry. I'm so glad tomorow is friday - I've heard plenty of really awkward client comments this week. Some along the lines of: creative Brief? We don't need no stinkn' creative brief. I can't wait for the weekend.

Oil Can Boyd

Incredible. Oil Can Boyd is pitching again. Baseball Musings has the links and the video of his outing tonight. 45 year old pitcher who last pitched in the bigs 14 years ago is 3-3 this season for the New Haven Cutters.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

20 Degrees Below Zero

It's August 23. Summer is ending. Fall is starting. Thank goodness. I'm tired of flip flops and sweating anyway:
  • 2 Jeff Spocoli references in 1 day? I can't bring myself to read Sean Penn's travelogue from Tehran, but Gawker did: "It’s as if Ernest Hemingway made sweet, sweet love to Jeff Spicoli before our very eyes." [Gawker]
  • NY Metro's Pipeline reports on the HBO-erizing of Jessica Cutler's The Washingtonienne which should be fun. But really is this Bill Clinton "Selections from the Clinton Music Room" really happening? Come on.
  • My friend Sonja is in Taiwan - living it up apparently. Apparently our cultural imperialism entails naming impressionable young children Jackson. Anyway, she was talking about a Russian restaurant called "Salt & Bread" the other night that sounded great. Apparently kicking it up a "few notches" in the 20 degrees below centigrade Snow Bar closet isn't as cracked up as it seemed - $20 shots of insane toxic vodka will do that.
  • Take five. Check out the Walk The Line Website.
  • Renovations on one of my all-time favorite places - The Guggenheim. [Curbed]
  • I check out Craig Ferguson for like 3-seconds. Honestly it was 3 seconds. Any-who. Minnie Driver is like singing. And that's not the crazy part. What the heck is former ball player Todd Zeile doing on there. Of course. Acting and producing the movie Dirty Deeds for his new ball player funded nest egg Green Diamond Entertainment - great name. I can't say the same for the American Pie rehash.
  • Speaking of baseball, apparently some smuggies at the NY Times and in NY don't like the thought of LA celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Brooklyn Dodgers winning the World Series in '55. See more here. [Laist]
  • I wasn't going to do politics tonight. Then Paul Wells has to point out the new Conservative Party TV spots. Gulp! I was going to trash the heck out of these spots, but really if Rona Ambrose is in the "Healthcare for all" spot, I might let it slide. I can't believe that they almost - but not quite - pull these scripted little political pieces off. It is a start. I would recast all the players but McKay and Rona. Sorry Stephen. Whoa as Keanu would say.
  • And since I have one. Why not two. David Orchard you crazy little left wing zealot. You kill me. Yeah - let's get out of NAFTA. Bwhahahahaha. And of course it's the T-Star right, so Google logs just how much NAFTA bashing the Star has done in the past three weeks. Climb back under your rock hippy. [Toronto Star]
  • And last but not least tonight: Shanghaist finds has the goods on some new buildings going up - including this one, The Peak. But it looks like it could be in downtown Vancouver. What's the fun in that.

Spiciest Pad Thai in the World Tribute

I suppose I have Plaek Pibulsonggram to thank for my adventures with the Pad Thai at Simply Thai today. Never get off the boat they say. Always stay with the Yellow Curry No. 12. I kid, the Pad Thai made my day. On with the links for advertising and design:
  • One of my favorite ad campaigns has been the Amex "My Life. My Card" campaign.. Sure I don't dig on the Ellen D versions, but DeNiro pulled us a real solid with his amazing spot. And I never saw Kate Winslet's "Drama" before. She is awesome. PS: Speaking of Kate, seeing one of the posters from Romance and Cigarettes is enough to want to see it. Oh and it's a "musical". With Gandolfini. Need I say more?
  • Microsoft is insane. A Tree, A bunny, and a double secret countdown clock to some sort of Xbox doom machine. [Ad Freak]
  • Vans. So Jeff Spicoli or so totally sweet? Discuss. I think the micros site is pretty lame as a website - as a video it kicks ass. The tv spots on the other hand are quite cool too - "Vans AM", "Vans PM" - and the song, "I Wonder" by The Willowz is tres cool.
  • Toyota scores insanely big idea with this "Knives" spot. I love it.
  • I won't bore you with how I came to know this website - but rest assured if there is a hell for tv and radio spot production and concepts. This could be it. Unless of course you are looking for a certain dancing, in your face, phone product ad mixed with heavy amounts of stinky fromage.
  • Duffy & Partners. Was Duffy, now powered with partners. Knob Creek identity. Enough said. [Via NewsToday]

War Games

In Canada, it all depends on what your definition of the word surplus is:
  • Our Prime Minister objects to the speculated $9.5 billion surplus. Oh no citizens that's "exagerated". Sure it is Paul, sure it is. That just means he'll spend it by budget time. [Ottawa Citizen]
  • Seriously, is 9,000 Russian and Chinese troops doing a mock assualt on the beaches of northern China a good idea? That's just a terrible idea of a fun Tuesday. [AP]

Monday, August 22, 2005

Chatter: Canadian Edition

I'm not saying this is good, but I think four items all about Canada is a new Dispatches record. See, I may want to leave this desolate wasteland, but I still care:
  • It's actually comforting to know that our Navy is at least trying to flex it's muscle. It's just too bad that we still have to flex it over this ridiculous island in the middle of nowhere. [Telegraph]
  • One of the very few stand up guys in the House of Commons, MP Chuck Strahl, has lung cancer. [Bourque]
  • Meanwhile...while the Conservatives in Canada are in the same seemingly endless losing cycle boat as the Democrats in the South, at least we are winning the blog wars. That's awesome dudes! Too bad we can't translate that into a leader, a victory, or some damned power. [Stephen Taylor]
  • The CBC is still on full on lockout. And yet it's not gone dark yet. Worst. Lockout. Ever. Even the CFL rating are up for crying out loud - what do you have to do to kill this lame sink hole. Oh and the employees are literally sticking a fork into themselves as they jump the shark. CBC Unplugged is on the air promising: "Transmitters? We don't need no stinkin' transmitters" I love it. You don't need the CBC - I say good for you, close the doors and leave us alone deadbeats.

Take a Memo Mr. Harper

Mondays are always great for hearing about what insanity the government is up to this time:
  • Rejoice Canadians, the Federal Government in thier infinite wisdom have put a halt on the $5 coin replacing the $5 dollar bill. Thank the maker. And the rational of why they were going to change it was dumb anyway. If I have to lug $5 coins around it's not going to be to fund the loser olympic athletes. Start bringing home the gold deadbeats, then we'll talk.
  • And then you read this. The Feds have miraculously managed to rack up another $9.5 billion in surpluses - expected to rise further still next year. My god they are like totally riping us off. PS: Stephen Harper this is what you guys should be talking about. Tax cuts and guns. Nothing more, nothing less. Well maybe bringing back $1 bills too since we have so much cash. [National Post]

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Good Morning Saigon

Tonight's Entourage makes you kind of wish the guys never signed on for this Cameron Aquaman movie. Seriously, it doesn't make sense that Ari is so out of control and that Eric and Vince can so easily manipulate him. That's not Gold, baby. He's in full blown retreat mode for god's sake. And with two episodes left are we going to see Mandy Moore and Vinnie in some sort of Aqua-costumes or what?

Meanwhile Mandy's big wig manager - Beverly D'Angelo - tried to eat Ari and Eric for lunch. Where is this all going? At least Turtle is a Music Manager now which is nice for us. And more of that nut director of "Queens Boulevard" would be an excellent call - I loved that he's working on the film in an amazing dump of a motel talking about an all sitar music soundtrack. Brilliant! PS - Somebody better find Ari's mojo, quick.

Hillside House

I picked up a copy of Dwell Magazine this week. It's pretty interesting, and I can't remember the last time I've actually been in a cool original house - so many homes are so, the same. But take this 1962 house by Carl Maston - Hillside House. It really caught my eye and they don't make 'em like that much anymore do they? Stupid condos. Modernist houses totally rule.

Mustard Ball: Baseball Rants

  • Matt Welch has an amazing rant about Steve Finley. It's like watching Dog The Bounty Hunter take down a 57-year old junkie. It's magic.
  • Meanwhile, the Red Sox Nation is getting antsy and some are even calling for a manager change. Evan Brunell does an excellent exploration on staying the course and not firing Terry Francona. It's a fantastic baseball essay.

That's One Nacho

Blogging took a back seat this week to some work and various post-work commitments. We'll try to fix that today.
  • Let me just say that a Jack Black movie called "Nacho Libre" directed by Napoleon Dynamite's Jared Hess has incomprehensibly funny written all over it. "In order to save an orphanage from closure, a priest (Black) dons a masks and moonlights as a luchador." Really?
  • Noah Baumbach's "The Squid and the Whale" website is only missing the trailer. Bonus points for Jeff Daniels in a really great beard - much better than the facial hair he rolls with in Gettysburg.
  • In the 1950's and the early days of the Cold War there was the missile gap. As China and America start to compete in 2005 there is clearly a real entertainment gap. Look no further than this tale of Growing Pains own Ben Seaver, er, Jeremy Miller and his incredibly creepy Chinese un-fame. [Shanghaist]

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moons Over My Hammy

You might be surprised to know that from time to time we get our interns to watch City TV's Breakfast Television. Fine - we don't have an intern yet, but hey, there ain't much on at 6:00 AM damn it. But is the egg and bacon news crowd so intense that they have to fire the nitwits working at Breakfast Television, again? My goodness. But are we really supposed to believe that Simi Sara and Dave Gerry are destined to bring the ad revenues way up and save BT. Perhaps former snow reporter cutie Tasha Chiu can help. Time will tell...

But this is, on the City TV forum is priceless: "for those of you who are interested in how Bev(Barbara) and Shane are doing...well, they're just fine. Bev is holding her own and should be calling out espresso drinks within the month. Shane's as happy as ever and distributed all of his Metro papers by 9 am yesterday. Good luck you crazy kids!" Too funny. They better start spiking the OJ on the set, this could end badly, again.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Chatter: Lemon Chicken

Okay. Look. I'm not going to talk about the Governor General again, tonight. It's just not worth it, so let's get on with better news
  • So what do you call you act Stephen Harper. "The Aristocrats!" If only it was a funnier punchline. Harper cans another staffer - this time Chief of Staff.
  • Hitchens on Sheehan: "Finally, I think one must deny to anyone the right to ventriloquize the dead. Casey Sheehan joined up as a responsible adult volunteer. Are we so sure that he would have wanted to see his mother acquiring "a knack for P.R." and announcing that he was killed in a war for a Jewish cabal?" []
  • And if you think Bush is a cold hearted bastard. I simply dare you to read this Newsweek article: "President Bush was wearing "a huge smile," but his eyes were red and he looked drained by the time he got to the last widow, Crystal Owen, a third-grade schoolteacher who had lost her husband in Iraq. "Tell me about Mike," he said immediately. "I don't want my husband's death to be in vain," she told him. The president apologized repeatedly for her husband's death. When Owen began to cry, Bush grabbed her hands. "Don't worry, don't worry," he said, though his choking voice suggested that he had worries of his own. The president and the widow hugged. "It felt like he could have been my dad," Owen recalled to NEWSWEEK. "It was like we were old friends. It almost makes me sad. In a way, I wish he weren't the president, just so I could talk to him all the time."
  • I read a few articles in the weekend - especially a steam out of ear type thing by John Crispo in The G&M - that made hay about the US deficit (sky falling). And then you read that strong economic growth and surging revenue the US deficit is going to be down to $321 billion - from $412 last year. [Instapundit]

Ad Talk: This and That Chow Mien Edition

I had a scare today. My Ipod froze. I was like a child wandering aimlessly in the woods. Damn you Ipod! It's all better now, so you're safe for now. On with some links:

  • This is a copywriters dream ad. Copy. Copy. And more copy. Neil French's Air Asia ad is such a trip. This is where copy ad dreams go to die. I actually heard a client say to me this week that, "I'm part of the MTV generation and we don't read. There's too much copy". Yikes - we are in trouble. So a writer can dream. Ahhhh... [Ad Blather]
  • Stuart Elliott reviews the quirky little campaign for Shiner Beer. "One print ad shows an over-sized portrait of John Hybner, who worked for Shiner for 39 years and was the company's brew master from 1972 until he retired on June 1. "Shiner's first hospital was above a bar," the ad reads. "Pretty much says it all." A second print ad depicts a maintenance supervisor. The headline: "One post office. One traffic light. Seven bars. Clearly we have our priorities straight." In a third ad, a quality-control employee appears under this headline: "We hear in some towns beer gut is a derogatory term. Go figure." All the print ads are decorated with vintage snap shots of Shiner and the brewery."
  • Really big Jif peanut butter Mini. Yep, we don't get it either.
  • I mentioned that the new Adidas store is coming to Vancouver. I didn't mention how much I can't live without my Spezials - like a poor man's Zissou. And now knowing that Adidas uses a helluva lotta Kangaroo in their shoes since it's "light and supple." It's so on. I totally dig marsupial shoes man. [Ad Freak]

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Coca-Cola Building

The Coca-Cola Building in Los Angeles. Designed in 1936 by Robert V. Derrah and completed in 1937 this modern classic was modeled on ships from the 1890's. Very cool.

Stay on Target

Sunday. A great day for reading. I've been doing it all day, and here are a few things worth checking out:

  • Target has sponsored the entire next issue of The New Yorker. The estimated $1.1 million in ads will feature 17 or 18 pages of artwork by New York artists working with the Target logo. Seems like an odd media buy choice. [New York Times]
  • I've been hearing about a new chain restaurant starting here in Vancouver called The Red Door. Looks interesting, although these chains have been done non? It nothing but a concept joint. Actually it seems like a less cool Wild Rice from 1st glance.
  • Intersting article on Philly becoming the new "it" place for those unable to afford living in New York. It's so hot right now. "Philadelphians occasionally refer to their city - somewhat deprecatingly - as the "sixth borough" of New York, and with almost 8,000 commuters making the 75-minute train ride between the cities each weekday, the label seems not far off the mark." [New York Times]
  • And this will seem like way too much Gray Lady links, but the cover story of the New York Times Magazine on the other army - the private security forces operating around the world. A fascinating must read. [NY Times Magazine]
  • Here's an interesting tale of Civil War Cannons. It seems that about 5,700 cannons still exist, and are fetching a fine dollar. That's where the controversy starts. Read this one. [Philly Burbs]
  • A new book sheds some light on what was the real First World War - The Seven Years War, or French and Indian War. [The Weekly Standard via the always fascinating History Wire]

It's all about the track suit

I made another break from the heat today. I went and saw Broken Flowers. Now, I don't normally really like track suits. They look pretty decent on your average Tony Soprano type, but I usually don't find them a believable fashion statement in real life. But Bill Murray's Fred Perry numbers work. In fact, they are brilliant.

Then again, it's Murray, right - lest we forget the Zissou shoes made me want to go buy a pair of Adidas. (And yes guys it's true, The Adidas Store will be in the 800 block of Granville St. - I saw the coming soon sign yesterday. All-right.)

Any-who - the movie is excellent, made all the funnier by the fact that nobody during today's matinée seemed to get what was going on (okay it looked like the retirement home bus let a group off and they got lost in the theater looking for "Must Love Dogs"). Murry's distant solo act - part of what Slate's David Edelstein calls, "Bill Murray's Loneliness Trilogy, which consists of Broken Flowers, Lost in Translation, and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou"- combined with a very different Ethiopian soundtrack, Jim Jarmucsh's direction, and some fine supporting characters make for a very good film.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

2008 Weapon of Choice

  • Andrew Coyne and Pierre Bourque are still all over the new Governor General Michelle Jean. Today's talking point: is Jean a seperatist? The plot thickens...
  • Our 2008 horse has arrived. Christopher Walken for President! " Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn't quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out. Gentlemen, as of this moment, I am that second mouse." []
  • Obligatory Greg Gutfeld Huffington Post link. The Chief Brody Slap. Enough said. Read it.
  • Ground breaking journalism in the Georgia Straight. Discussing 2010 Olympics and the possibility of terrorism. Ground breaking stuff. []
  • Opal viral. Opal, what up? [Brand Republic]

The Aristocrats

I checked out The Aristocrats this afternoon. It was fantastic. It was funny, simple, and likely better than 3/4 of the crap that's out there. It's like jazz comedy - the joy is in the telling, and boy do they tell it. Over and over again.

The things I learned from this film in no particular order: Kevin Pollack doing Christopher Walken doing the dirtiest secret joke of all time is, well, hilarious. Bob Sagat is totally forgiven for bringing us Full House. Sarah Silverman is both drop dead gorgeous and side-splittingly funny. Gilbert Gottfried, yes the AFLAC duck himself, is absolutely amazing in the clips from a failed 2001 post 9/11 roast that turns into an actual telling of the joke this dirty, secret joke that is now comedy legend.

Sgt. Ernest "Smokey" Smith Remembered

It was very nice to see so many people paying thier respects to Sgt. Ernest "Smokey" Smith this morning as his funeral procession went up Burrard St. I had a very excellent view from my office building. When they reached the peak of the Burrard Bridge, CF-18's performed the Missing Man manuever which was very spectacular, just a few hundred feet from the bridge. That's something you don't see very often in Vancouver.

It was claimed to be the largest military procession in Canada since the 1950's - and that was surprising, since there couldn't be more that about 500 people and few vehicles. At any rate it was a very fitting tribute to Canada's last living Victoria Cross recipient. Smokey Smith was a real hero, a average man who managed to do some pretty extraordinary things in Italy 60-years ago. He loved jazz, and I think it was most appropriate that they played Way Down Yonder in New Orleans during the service. Thanks Smokey.

A note on the coverage: I next turned on CBC Newsworld - the only channel paying any attention (which is a complete joke) - and was absolutely appalled by the commentary. The two CBC "anchors" should be fired immediately for being ignornant, completely uninciteful, and totally uninspiring. I pity the folks at home who were subjected to this. Where was Peter Mansbridge guys? And I'm curious as to how people like Hedy Fry and Ujall Dosanjh have to go to things like this - how it is that two-bit politcal hacks feel they get to show up at these sorts of things is beyond me.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Things that make you go hmmm....

It's always a wild party, as Kim Mitchell used to say up here in Canada:
  • Is Toronto the new Chicago? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Really? This notion is absurd. [The Shotgun]
  • Of course, now they don't want them. France being France doesn't really like thier citizens to be onther nations military head aparently. I'm going to throw this out their...does Paul Martin have a Karl Rove in there somewhere pulling strings? []
  • August 11, CBC - as usual - has fingers on the pulse of the world: "Network TV is in trouble". We tremble in awe of your timelyness CBC! PS: I hope you enjoy your lockout. [CBC]
  • The Huffington Post is going absolutely insane with Sheehan coverage. But where the heck is Gutfeld man? "REMEMBER: THINK OF THE SEAGULLS! AND THE LIZARDS! THE LEGLESS LIZARDS! please sign the petition. PS: i'm drunk! Yeehaw!" Great, he's drunk, just when we need him...

Oh yeahhhhh. That's right, I did it. I linked to Kim Mitchell. Yeah baby. Enjoy that one. Crank the audio, sit back, and remember the glory of KM. That's so sweet. I'm going for a soda. Back soon.

Yellow Curry No. 25: Advertising Thursday

Here is some ad stuff that's going around the ad world this Thursday:
  • Copyranter - a NYC Ad Copywriter's blog - points out the absurdity of a Starbucks billboard. [copyranter]
  • Joseph Jaffe takes a look at BMW's Wedding Crashers-like top secret (wink, wink) request for proposal documents. [Jaffe Juice]
  • Advertising looker/executive , Tatiana Moses, 24. [New York Metro]
  • Media Post's Out to Launch this week features some interesting stuff - but what's up with the Las Vegas club Rehab. Not sure about a site demanding your email to go inside or a club named Rehab. [Media Post - Out to Launch]

Hawk Thursday

  • Vanity Fair's resident big mouth James Wolcott has picked on the wrong people. He's slamming liberal hawks for throwing support to the GWOT and Bush. Never fear, Micheal Totten slams right back! [Instapundit]
  • I didn't give much thought to Cindy Sheehan - the mother of a recently killed US soldier in Iraq - demanding to talk to the President and being egged on by the anti-war crowd. I see Jeff Goldstein does a good job of carving out a rational position. []
  • I hope that news of a McCain-Kerry ticket in 2008 is just overaction to a nice plate of eggs between two senator friends. The last thing we need is either McCain jumping to the Democrats or worse, a third party. [Political Wire]
  • If you have an Ipod ignore this. Apparently radio still exists. Apparently some people still listen. In Vancouver CKNW is still No. 1, as Jack FM and MOJO fall and jump off a cliff respectively. [ via]
  • It should be interesting to see the largest military procession in Canada since the 1950's as the nation continues to honor Smokey Smith this Saturday.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Double Secret Blogs are the new Black

Really it's only Wednesday? How can this even be?

  • That's nice for us. I see our next Governor General is actually a French citizen too. What fiasco. [Ottawa Citizen]
  • Very funny Vancouver Canucks. Who's kidding who, we all know Todd Bertuzi doesn't know how to write. A letter to his fans? Please. [Vancouver Canucks]
  • Sure he's on vacation, again. Sure he's taken like 300 days of it so far. But Bush's sojurns to Crawford may just be political genius. You're the man Rove. [Political Wire].
  • Disney is stopping all hand-drawn animation. What would Walt think? [Wall Street Journal]
  • Double hidden secret Greg Gutfeld blog. Hilarity ensues: "FLASH: VILE GHOUL GORE VIDAL IS STILL ALIVE! SEE Arianna's opening lines on her latest post: ____ "My summer travels have come to an end with my journey to Ravello. I arrived in Amalfi with my two teenage daughters and took the winding road up to Ravello to visit Gore Vidal." _____ THOSE MAY BE THE GREATEST OPENING SENTENCES I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Granted, i don't read much. but those lines pretty much sum up all that is relentlessly annoying about the Huffpost. Namedropping, self-importance, PLUS AN incredible lack of self-awareness. I MEAN, I MAY BE AN IDIOT, BUT AT LEAST I KNOW I AM AN IDIOT." [Huffington Post]

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Crimson Permanent Assurance

Is there life after giving the Republican Key Note address in 2004? Ask Zell, he's retired and getting a good little thanks from W:

Neocon Cruises Have More Fun

Another day. Another dollar. More insane links:
  • Leave it to Wonkette to point out that the next Weekly Standard Cruise doesn't sound nearly as cool as The Weekly Standard's 2003 parody featuring such fun as "Neocon Hot Bikini contests". YES! Sign me up.
  • Not enough cowboy for you? Canada needs nuclear weapons too. Great idea. The thought of Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, Jack Layton, or Gilles Duceppe with the bomb is absolutely terrifying. Non? Hell I wouldn't even think Canada led by Wayne Gretzky would be up to that task and I like my nukes kids. [The Shotgun]
  • I'm not so sure that hiring some planners from Vancouver is really going to help Seattle out that much. Red flag: all of our buildings look the same and we're tearing down really cool buildings all the time for yucks. Beware. [Seattlest]
  • Highlight(s) of the day? Both from NRO : 1. Jonah Goldberg links to this excellently dumb video by saying, "Winning NRO intern audition video. " And 2. Linking to David Hasslehoff's "Hooked on a Feeling" video. And you're telling me that Conservatives don't have more fun. You're nuts.
  • Meanwhile poltical oracle/wingnut Dick Morris thinks Hillary might face a huge battle for her Senate seat in 2006. Sounds like John Woo's "Face Off" on some levels. (Via Vodkapundit)

Back later. Or not. Stay tuned.

Shuttle Landings & PR Stunts

There must be some sort of good luck going on right now as the shuttle lands safely, but to think that Stephen Harper still thinks he'll be Prime Minister...

  • The Shuttle landed safely. Now, NASA pimp that ride or sell it. [AP]
  • God bless Stephen Harper. He still thinks he can win the next election. That's cute. I guess this means he won't be leader at election time if they're going to win. [The Banner]
  • Virgin's Richard Branson kitesurfs up to Squamish to promote his mobile service here in Vancouver. Yawn. It incorporates the very worst of PR - wetsuits and Squamish as far as we can tell. PS: Sir Richard's Virginware flopped, your reality show bombed, your mobile service is down 19% in the UK, and your closing your store here. Take the hint man. [Vancouver Sun]
  • I see that rock legends, The Rolling Stones - apparently still clinging to life - are attempting to defibrilate themselves by writing songs critizing President Bush then complaining that Keith Richards is "worried" since he lives in America. Whatevs. [Political Wire]

Monday, August 08, 2005

Slow Starting Week - Deal with it

What kind of blogger starts the week at 9:45 PM on a Monday? This one I guess. Get over it:

  • Finally a scandal at Google. Overcharging advertisers? It claims not, and it would really call into question Google's "don't do evil" mantra. It was bound to happen. They only let you get so big nerds. [Reuters]
  • Yes. There is one redeeming quality about The Huffington Post. Greg Gutfeld. Any mention of ham radios is basically totally awesome and reminds me of The Royal Tennabaums. Don't ask.
  • Media quick hits: Now I know people have thier feelings about the New York Times, but "thinking man's Stuff?" I didn't expect that. [Verbose Coma], Jack Shafer breaks it down: readers are dumb. [], Wonkette looks at new CNN show "The Situation Room" - seriously more Novak walk outs much cooler. What's the difference between borrowing and paying homage? Ask Radar mag. [The Media Mob]
  • Today's crazy article (via Matt Welch at Reason's Hit & Run) about some crazy old hippie who has never paid taxes in 40 years. "Serra had hoped to avoid prison but conceded that "from another perspective, didn't I get a light sentence? I haven't paid taxes for 40 years — my whole career!"He pledges not to come out until he has written two novels, including a Platonic dialogue set on an island in World War II that has been "in my pen" for years. Within the experience, he said, is a blessing." I'm thinking that "go sell crazy someplace else somehow applies here, non? [LA Times]
  • Ads: Okay, apparently this is happening. Diamond Dallas Page, Jake the Snake, Nicolai Volkoff, and Jimmy Superfly Snuka do Entourage. All I can say, is wow. It's seriously too much. [Boards] Or how about: Gary Coleman, Pat Morita? Or something with Jimmy Walker and Erik Estrada? Or something with a bunch of old ladies.

Back in the AM. Get ready for more blogging....seriously.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Writers Block. I got nothing...

A couple of posts from the great white north:

  • Seriously, 30-plus million people in this iceberg of a country and we can only find lame CBC personalities to be our head of state? What a joke.
  • Canada's last living Victoria Cross winner Smokey Smith dies. [ - I know the irony of linking 2x to the CBC today. Damn you!]
  • ....I got nothing else. Back later.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Faster & More Action Packed Blog?

Tuesdays are totally the new Mondays. Or not. I hate post-long weekend weeks. So this bottom of the barrel scrapping of links is all ya gets. Deal with it.

  • Ha ha ha. Russia and China, very funny. China and Russia plan to do some war games together. [Financial Times]
  • Ramesh Ponnuru, The Corner: "Karl Rove's most fiendish plot, was to convince the world that he exists." PS:"And poof. Just like that, he's gone." [The Onion]
  • I saw an ad for Oliver Stone's Alexander on DVD this morning. Quick question, the director's cut is now 8 minutes shorter - "faster and more action packed." Waner didn't think of this for theatres? Really? Worst. Directors Cut. Ever.
  • Marc Emery update: out on bail. At least some sanity returned to The Shotgun today on the subject via Angry in the Great White North. Great must read anti-idiot stuff in here.
  • "Things happen when you have a car in the city. Back in the early eighties, when I was crazy enough to be living on St. Marks Place, I had the battery stolen from my '68 164 dual-carb Volvo. Some wretched skell reached up through the broken grille and opened the hood latch. My sister-in-law told me I better get the grille fixed immediately because once I moved the car the thief would know I had a new battery and take that one, too." [New York Metro via Brock Stephenson]
  • Wild Thing. Backhanded compliment of the day. An announcer describes a Ryan Demspter save featuring a 4 walks and 2-1 victory thusly, "vintage Mitch Williams." Ouch, that stings a little. [Baseball Musings]

Monday, August 01, 2005

Worst Idea Ever: Let's Bring Lenin brand back...

  • Adrants is wondering about the boundaries between advertising and content on Gawker websites. But really, shouldn't the question be why a hip, trusted, cool brand like Gawker would simply take cash from a Kathy Griffin reality show? Exactly. Bad idea. [Ad Rants]
  • Meanwhile the city of Chicago is selling out to ads too. And the other night I heard about a very interesting Cossette outdoor piece for Nike - basically a huge billboard for Nike Hockey on a barge floating around Vancouver. And typical, nobody is talking about it in this city.
  • Esteemed VodkaPundit Stephen Green responds to some crazy Berlin plan to resurect a statue of Lenin with this: "Next up, Pol's Pots kitchenware from Krupp." [VodkaPundit]
  • 40 most annoying Canadians list. [Ed - So, what's the deal, couldn't find another 10 for a top 50?...] Plus, disrepecting the Shatner...never a good call.

August 1st Sweat Hogs

Really? It's August already? How does this even happen.

  • So, Saudi King Fahd is dead. [Bloomberg]
  • Bush bashing is fizzling, or so says sage Michael Barone in his latest piece. [US News]
  • Just a few short weeks following his 3,000th hit, Rafeal Palmiero gets a 10-game suspension for failing a banned substance test. Ouch. [AP]
  • Cat blogging is clearly out of control. Thanks NY Times for encouraging these people. I hate cats. [NY Times]
  • The self proclaimed Prince of Pot is scared now that the US government wants to throw him in jail. Poor baby. Gee, you'd think selling marijuana seeds over the internet into the US would just be all hunky dory. What a dolt. Seriously this guys is the Tom Cruise of liberty and nobody should want to smoke his crazy. And then you get all this other stuff: I especially enjoy when people start talking about freedom and liberty and pot. Look, America didn't revolt to live in a utopia called Dopeville kids, just get over it. They wanted to rule themselves, and they are. You don't like thier rules, tough luck. So if America choses to not do what Europe is doing, well good for them, hippies. PS: And I'm not very sympathetic that this is the issue that Canada has "ceded it's soveriegnty on" either. Sorry, this isn't the equivelent of "These are the times that try mens souls". PPS: Give in, and bend to the will of the Super Power. [Globe and Mail]
  • If you some sanity on issues of freedom, it has to be P.J. O'Rourke: "The market is such a wonderful tool—it’s like they just discovered the electric drill and now they want to use it for everything. They want to use it in the bath, they want to use it to wash the dishes. But if we need to limit freedom, the burden of proof always has to be on the limiter. The prejudice always has to be in favor of freedoms."