Thursday, July 31, 2003

Nice to see - - That A. Crackpot Babe Ann Coulter has officially jumped the shark. and B. That conservatives prove again that they are having tons of fun poking fun, and sticks at their own. See the Weekly Standard parody that accounts for both.

Seattle Has No Moves - - Seattle Mariner's reliever Jeff Nelson spoke for a very disappointed team after the trade deadline passed, once again with no moves. A particularly telling exchange on an ESPN Chat with Rob Neyer today:

Corey (Albuquerque): "What in the hell is wrong with the Mariners? If the A's overtake them for the West, I am going to be so pissed. Why do they refuse to make a deal?"

Rob Neyer: "A year ago on this date, the Mariners were one game ahead of the Angels and five games ahead of the Athletics. They didn't do anything, and they wound up in third place.Today, they're four games ahead of the A's, and they haven't done anything. Seems to me they've got a problem when it comes to making the team better."

Nice work. Thank goodness they picked up journeyman infielder Rey Sanchez...Billy Beane has the best luck.

Best and Worst Baseball Names EVER - - Earlier today I was watching the TV. Apparently there is a major league baseball player with the silly name, Coco Crisp. That is a terrible first name.

Then again, my friend Lance suggested that this Nashua Pride player, Pork Chop Pough, may truly take the cake for cool baseball player names. Personally I like the name Pork Chop. It's cool, and so are pork chops. Pork Chop has been in the minors since 1992, so it is unlikely we'll see him in the bigs. His name remains cool.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

And the other hot hitter? - - Red Sox's Bill Mueller moved from the #8 slot in the order to #2 (hello OBP) and is 1-2 tonight. The Sox are also down 6-1 so that isn't good.

All good thngs - - All super, double amazing, hitting streaks must come down from the highs. Marcus Giles is 0-for-3 so far in tonights game. On the other hand, that is still 13-18...

Ha Ha Ha - - You want proof that the Democrats are completely unhinged, news that Al Gore is being urged to get back into the race, is like finding weapons of mass destruction.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Restaurant Gets Rocked - - The Restaurant behind the new reality show is getting tepid reviews. The Show kicks butt. A wonderfully silly combination of candid camera and be your own critic. If it was a "great" restaurant would you really want to go? You want the service to be terrible, the waiters to be a bunch of losers, the food to be charmingly mediocre, and above all the other guests work only if they are a who's who of Star Wars Cantina bars patrons and deadbeats. Plus throw in an evil French guy. Serve with a lemon slice and a six pack. Enjoy.

Liberal Hack/hatchet man Warren Money - - I am nicknaming Warren Kinsella, a political hack if ever there was one, Warren Money. Why? Because after reading his blog for about three minutes, I realized that he thinks he is hip and cool especially mentioning The White Stripes. Laughable. Whatever buddy. Nothing was more wonderful than watching him get beat like a drum the one time he ran for office by a complete rank amatuer with a beard no better than Keanu Reeves.

Shame - - Don't ask, but I was clicking around looking for anything worth watching, settled on a few minute of CBS's "Cupid." Why? This Lisa girl is pretty cute, she's a writer (fine copywriter), and I just shaw her pick up a shot gun and do some excellent shooting.

Hottest Hitter in Baseball - - (After Bill Mueller?) has to be Marcus Giles with Atlanta. Let's recap:

Sun vs Montreal: 4-5, 4 2B's, 2 RBI
Mon vs Montrea: 4-5, 2 HR's, 6 RBI

Which brings us to tonight's game:

Tue vs Houston: 5-5, 1 RBI

Quick calculations: 13-15, 9 RBI, in 3 Games. Awesome!

Red Sox Blogging - - Will I stop blogging about the Red Sox? Probably not. Nothing would please me more than them Beating the Yankees for a change. Reading David Halberstam's "The Teammates" isn't hurting their case either. (Well, when I say reading, that is when I am not reading my new copy of Bill James)

Tonight? Batting in the Number 8 spot in the Red Sox Order...Bill Mueller. Three home runs, 2 grand slams, one from each side of the plate (1st time in history), and a solo shot for good measure. 9 RBI's...unbelievable.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Still Just One Bus Accident Away People - - Colby Cosh throws an appropriate brick in Sheila Copps' direction. I especially like how he savages her for her euphoric and Pleasantville look back at Trudeaumania.

Here is Sheila: "[Prime Minister Trudeau] understood that the role for a middle power like Canada was building bridges with the world," Copps said, recalling his friendly ties to Cuban President Fidel Castro at the height of the Cold War.

Here is Cosh: "You know, they just don't make sadistic Communist dictators like Fidel anymore. But while Prime Minister Sheila may never get the chance to snog with some strapping Enver Hoxha figure, her staff can still raise a rousing cry of "Socialismo o muerte!" on Parliament Hill."

Nice! One Campaign bus accident away folks...

One more reason - - If you really, really, need one. Sullivan has the money quote from the crackpot they picked to direct the next Harry Potter Film. He doesn't like Bush or Tony Blair. Good for him. I don't like Harry Potter, but get a grip.

As James Lileks points out, there is no, I mean no, crushing of "dissent" in America. While the Director compares Bush to Saddam Lileks notes the more subtile differences:

"Let's review. Bush: supported legislation that wanted to open up an obscure distant corner of caribou country for oil production. The legislation failed; the drilling has not occurred.

Saddam: drained the entire southeastern marsh of his nation, diverted the water, ruined wetlands and the Ma’dan, the people who lived in that ecosystem. One could call it Ethnic Cleansing. One could even call it a Hate Crime."

You go direct your film crackpot...

Good News Squad - - Donald Luskin's new one tries to explain to Paul Krugman that if it's the economy stupid, Bush will win this one.

Here's a new one - - My latest article, "American Governor: California Total Recall" examines the star wattage of the recall and election to come in California. Kobe, Condit, Snoop Dogg, Arnie, Jerry Springer, American Idol, Dennis Miller, and Ozzy all make the requisite cameos in this one. Some say chaos, I say bring it on-only good can come from it!

Update: I failed to find this candidate. How about Independent Georgy! Why Georgy? Even Sisqo would be happy with Georgy's thong merchandise.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Sunday Night Baseball - - Sure wish I was watching it tonight. But tonight Sportsnet, a clownish attempt at an all Canadian sports network, decided to play an exhibition soccer game instead. So rather than watching Boston and New York which I am sure is the game, I am watching the game play out on the internet...bastards. Where is my ESPN? It should have been on The Score (our third sports network) but, oh, they let go of Sunday Night Baseball to make room for the now defeunct CBL. Thanks a lot buddies.

Enough of that nasty business. A few things about the actual game.

1. Boston just scored 4 to take the lead in the bottom of the 7th.
2 Inning sees both Jesse Orosco and Armando Benitez in the same inning. Ouch. But they were pretty good!
3. Why is Jason Varitek batting 9th? 18 HR's 65 RBI Batting .297! Is he the best catcher in MLB? You be the judge
4. Make that 6 in the inning, and were in the 8th. It's 6-3.
5. If Varitek is batting 9th, what do you make of Mueller (.327) batting 8th? And Trot Nixon (.321) batting 7th. Both of whom have over .400 OBP's! So the question is, is this the best 7,8,9? Crazy.

UPDATE: I was getting pretty worried when Kim came in and walked Jeter right off the bat. But striking out Giambi must have made the Red Sox fans go insane! But they held on to win. Taking 2 of 3 from the Yanks! So it is getting tight in the race...

$3 Million Dollars for Coulter? - - Drudge is reporting that writer Ann Coulter is on the verge of signing a $3 million book deal for her next book. The question? After Slander and Treason what the hell is crazy Ann going to write about?

Sosa ties The Kid - - Sammy Sosa just hit his 521st Home Run which brings him in a deadheat for 12th all time and tied with Ted Williams.

Set for 15 - - Mike Maroth is set for his 15th loss. Facing KC Maroth is looking to pass teamate Bonderman who has 14.

Update: And he does it! 5-15 for Mr. Maroth. Going for Twenty...

Braves-Expos Update - - Brave's Marcus Giles is 4-4 with 4 doubles. That ties the ML record. It is the 5th Inning! Ouch. The Braves also have 14 hits. I think that is 49 in the three game set so far...

Update: You go out for some Sushi lunch and the Braves just let the Expos have one. Brutal!

Tour of Freedom? - - Okay. I don't like cycling, and have put the nation of France on my watch list, but I do find it amusing that Lance Armstrong won his 5th Tour de France today. Is it time we renamed it the Tour of Freedom?

Most Star Wattage Ever - - At the Expos game today. As Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox watch Greg Maddux take on the Expos at the worst Ball Park in the bigs. Olympic Stadium never had it so good.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

The Gods must be crazy game of the day - - Not sure which is more surprising that Jeremy Bonderman won his 4th game (4-14) or that he led the Tigers to their victory over the Kansas City Royals.

New kid on the block - - Where did all these great young pitchers come from? Who cares, but Rich Harden had his second start for Oakland and was solid, again, getting his first career win! The A's beat the Angels 8-1 today. Harden went another strong 7 innings, giving up only 1 run, walking 1, striking out 3. That is two solid 7-inning starts for the A's. Now they have a potential 4-man rotation unmatched in baseball.

The Benitez Factor - - When the Yankees aquired Armando Benitez a few weeks back everyone thought they were crazy. Turns out they were. Game on the line, blows it.

Speaking of Anniversary's - - Tommorow marks the 50th anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean conflict. Everyone always remarks about how moving the Vietnam Memorial is, but often forgotten is the Korean War Memorial on the Mall in DC. Remember those who gave their lives in that conflict tomorrow. I find it amazing that in 50 more short years we'll be honoring some other hero's who are continuing to help liberate Iraq. 235 have fallen so far in this new conflict.

Cuban Liberation Day - - What a joke. Castro's hizz'ouse is still rocking after all these years. 50-years ago was the first battle in the revolution in Cuba. As proof that things are going welll in the land of plenty, 12 more Cubans risked thier lives to go to America. Using a 51 Chevy as a makeshift boat.

Blogging will now return to its regularly scheduled programming - - With the Canadians game this week, work, and hanging out with some old friends last night, blogging at Dispatches has reached a deadend...Well, let's get back into it, with some Saturday Night Live blogging at Dispatches. No, no posts about SNL, but posting will continue tonight...Starting now...

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

A potential Canadian Nightmare - - The National Post asks the question in the back of everyone’s mind…what would happen if Paul Martin gets hit by bus? Would Sheila Copps automatically become liberal leader and PM? God helps us all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

One by one - - The Iraqi regime is being hunted down. Sadaam’s sons went down in a hail of gunfire today. And guess what Iraqis celebrated. Two down one to go.

Your Move Lefties - - What will be interesting is to watch how the killing of Sadam’s sons effects the way the situation in Iraq is going and how the media portrays it. Andrew Sullivan gets into this debate big time.

“So they have to turn the fallible evidence before the war into "lies"; and they have to turn the difficult but worthy post-war reconstruction into a "quagmire." They know the only chance they have is to turn American public opinion against the war so as to prevent any such exercise of military power again. In that sense, they really cannot simply be mocked. They must be challenged at every turn. For they are engaged in a process that will not only stymie efforts at reforming the Middle East but will make Americans and others more vulnerable to the designs of the Islamofascists and their terrorist allies. The war abroad cannot therefore be extricated from the debate at home. We will not win the former without winning the latter.”

Around the Horn - - Finally, the Mariners show a little offense beating the twins 10-8. It’s a big race now friends…Mike Maroth keeps up to Bonderman with his 14th loss of the season. Boston wins. Detroit Skipper Alan Trammell proclaims Red Sox the best team he’s seen all season. And let’s face it, he’s been beaten by the best of them. Oakland spent the evening blanking Kansas City-that’s two in a row. And Greg Maddux is finding his old groove once again.

Great Night for Baseball - - Managed to take in my third Vancouver Canadians game this evening. Had the pleasure of watching it with Brock Stephenson from MEP. The game was pretty sad really, but the political discourse was excellent. I think we nicknamed the evening “Dance on the Grave of the Alliance Night.” As was the discussion for starting a new news & opinion site in the next month. (Stay tuned for more details)

The C’s lost 7-1 to the Salem-Keiser Volcanoes. Salem’s Jesse Floyd got the win, lowering his league leading ERA to 0.61 scattering 5 hits to blank the C’s in the 7 innings he pitched. Attendence was pretty sweet at the 3,628.

In praise of Bush - - The storm of criticism seems to be waning on this Niger Uranium/Bush lied meme. And as Bill Kristol tells it, it was yet another Bush victory over his political foes.

“Almost two weeks ago, the president ordered his White House staff to bollix up its explanation of that now-infamous 16-word "uranium from Africa" sentence in his State of the Union address. As instructed, and with the rhetorical ear and political touch for which they have become justly renowned, assorted senior administration officials, named and unnamed, proceeded to unleash all manner of contradictory statements. The West Wing stood by the president's claim. Or it didn't. Or the relevant intelligence reports had come from Britain and were faulty. Or hadn't and weren't. Smelling blood, just as they'd been meant to, first the media--and then the Democratic party--dove into the resulting "scandal" head first and fully clothed.

Belatedly, but sometime soon, the divers are going to figure out that they've been lured into a great big ocean--with no way back to shore. Because the more one learns about this Niger brouhaha that White House spokesmen have worked so hard to generate, the less substance there seems to be in it. As we say, George W. Bush is a genius.”

Come on in Democratic buddies, the water is tepid, and Bush is the David Hasselhoff lifeguard on this ocean.

But there is trouble for Bush - - Andrew Sullivan asks whether or not Bush is really conservative. Or perhaps maybe Bush just isn’t conservative enough?

“In some ways, Bush is the JFK to Clinton's Eisenhower. After eight long years of fiscal sobriety and foreign policy caution, a young aristocratic president, after a knife-edge victory, cuts taxes and throws American weight around in the world. He has a global vision and some wonderful wordsmiths to craft it. He seems to care less about balanced budgets than moving the economy forward; he's less concerned about the minutiae of intelligence estimates than the broad moral and strategic case for intervention abroad. His typical action is risk-taking - like the war in Iraq or the two big tax cuts. Perhaps his policy mix, like that of many others', is merely a blend of opportunism and gut instinct.”

Reading this, I want to see another term, just to see what Bush does next. I like the risk taking.

Monday, July 21, 2003

$2.4 Billion - - Major League Baseball has released their 2003 payrolls.

League Total: $2,400,424,777
Yankees: $181,322,403 (1st)
Red Sox: $104,873,607 (5th)
Seattle: $92,268,063 (11th)
Oakland: $56,596,691 (26th)
Tampa Bay: $31,660,602 (30th)

Another Big Red Sox Night - - Sometimes like tonight Boston’s offense simply explodes. Nine Doubles? Meanwhile Detriot’s pitcher Jeremy Bonderman get the unfortunate 14th loss of the season. It’s only July 21st folks, and he could lose many more.

Great Debut - - Another rookie pitcher rises to the occasion. Oakland snapped its skid by beating Kansas City 4-1 tonight. On the mound was rookie Rich Harden who went 7 strong innings giving up only 1 earned run on four hits. Harder Struck out 4 and walked 2 in a no-decision. Solid Stuff.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

34 Years Ago - - 34 Long years ago, today, man set foot on The Moon. Rand Simberg reminds everyone how special that was. It may seem so long ago, but it was amazing then, and still is. When are we going back there? When are we going to Mars? I would love to see in Bush’s next inaugural speech a call to get back into space, ditch the Shuttle program, and kick up the space program several notches. Just a thought.

Miller on Springer - - Dennis Miller has a short one in the WSJ about everyone’s favorite peddler of white trailer park trash.

Iraq, Quagmires, Germany 1945, and more - - David Adesnik posting at The Ox Blog has some great links and comments on the ‘quagmire” that isn’t in Iraq, and why Germany was worse in 1945, than Iraq is now.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Mariner’s Midseason Tune Up Ideas - - One thing about the Mariner’s must be noted. While they did switch up their lineup a little: putting Cameron in the number 2 spot (BA: .266 OBP: .357) which is probably a much better spot than sixth, given his speed. That keeps Boone in the number 3 slot, Edgar cleaning up. But they need something else in their lineup.

They have a LF who is a big disappointment. Randy Winn is batting .266 and getting on base, he is no better with a .325 OBP. Add the 2 HR’s and 32 RBI’s and he fits in neither at the number two spot or lower in sixth or seventh spot. You can have pretty much anyone do that.

They have a 3B who is now being pinch hit in key situations. That is not good. Jeff Cirillo was once a legitimate big leaguer, but now his .216 batting average and his .292 OBP are pathetic. His low power, 2 HR’s, and production 22 RBI’s, are not what the Mariner’s bargained for. Who would ever have thought that people may say, What happened to Russ Davis?

So if the M’s expect to go far into the playoffs this season they need some help. One problem is that many teams still want to think they are in contention, when really, they are not. Here are some suggestions.

1. Dimitri Young (Detroit Tigers) Here is a guy listed at both 3B and LF! First he has great hair, he plays on the celler dwelling tigers, and his salary is $6.5 million! Surely they could lure him from there. Production? Batting .282 with 19 HR’s and 52 RBI’s. He could bat in the number 5 spot giving Edgar some protection and take some pressure off the slumping Olerud. And the hair…

2. B.J. Surhoff (Baltimore Orioles) Baltimore is going to be the American League’s New York Mets. Kind of like a garage sale. Okay, he’s ancient. But damn, he is hitting .322.

3. Aaron Boone. (Cincinati Reds) Griffey is done, why not go for the whole meal deal fire sale. So why not pick up Bret’s brother at 3rd? Not the worst idea ever. He’s having a great year. Boone, to Boone…

4. Melvin Mora (Baltimore Orioles) Sure he is in the league leaders of batting average, but that won’t stop the O’s from auctioning him off. He could play a role in left and is Batting .348, .441 OBP.

5. Jose Guillen (Cincinati Reds) He’s been around awhile, but he could really help in left. He plays LF and RF, is Batting .328, OBP .389. and has 18 HR’s.

Grand Slam Ichiro - - Seattle managed to beat the Kansas City Royals tonight in the ninth inning on Ichiro Suzuki’s first grand slam in MLB.

Walk off, for the season, double - - No chance that Ken Griffey Jr. will get to 500 home runs this season. His season is over again. And as he spends the rest of the season off he will have surgery to repair his shoulder and his right ankle.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Trial of the century - - ESPN has a pretty cool experiment tonight. I wish I had the channel at home, but I do see that the website has pretty much everything there.

The Setup: Pete Rose…should he go into the Hall of Fame?
The Angle: Holding a mock trial on television with a jury deciding.
The Players: Pete Rose, Jonnie Cochran (in Pete’s defense), Alan Dershowitz (as the prosecutor)
The Witnesses:
Steve Garvey
Rose contemporary who was a 10-time All-Star with the Dodgers and Padres.
Dr. Jon Grant
Assistant professor of psychiatry, Brown University.
Lester Munson
Sports Illustrated writer and Dowd report expert.
Jim Palmer
Hall of Fame pitcher won 268 games and three Cy Young awards.
Dan Shaughnessy
Boston Globe writer and baseball historian.
Hank Aaron
Hall of Fame outfielder and baseball's all-time home-run king with 755 home runs.
Bill James
Famous sabermetrician and current advisor to the Boston Red Sox.
Bill "Spaceman" Lee
Colorful and opinionated southpaw who won 119 games, most with Boston.
Dave Parker
Seven-time All-Star who played under Rose in Cincinnati from 1984-87.
Arnie Wexler
Counselor for chronic gamblers

The Result: Let him in, Let him in!

Here is what you need to know:

Trial Summary
The Decision
The Closing Arguments

Why Bush will Win - - Mark Steyn writes:

“But tarring Bush as a liar won’t make him a loser. Step back and look at the two years since 11 September. In 2001, the Islamists killed thousands of Westerners in New York and Washington. In 2002, they killed hundreds of Westerners, but not in the West itself, only in jurisdictions like Bali. In 2003, they killed dozens — not Westerners, but their co-religionists in Morocco and Saudi Arabia. The Bush cordon sanitaire has been drawn tighter and tighter. Meanwhile, the allegedly explosive Arab street has been quieter than Acacia Gardens in Pinner on a Wednesday afternoon, and I wouldn’t bet that blowing up fellow Muslims and destroying the Moroccan tourist industry and Saudi investment will do anything for the recruitment drive. All of this could be set back by a massive terrorist attack on the US mainland, and if John Kerry is banking on disaster, that at least has a certain sick logic about it. But if he genuinely believes that Bush’s war is as disastrous as he says, he’s flipped, and the Dems will wind up as helplessly stuck to that flypaper as al-Qa’eda. Bush is doing what the lefties wanted: he’s addressing the ‘root causes’ — by returning the cause to its roots, and fixing it at source.”

Ah Steyn. Like a fine wine…sit back and enjoy.

Another Mass Grave Found in Iraq - - So they haven't exactly found the weapons of mass destruction. But is there some way we could factor in that we seem pretty good at finding mass graves of the people Saddam threw away during his years torturing his own people.

For the love of the game - - Rob Neyer has a great story about 40-year-old minor league All-Star, Pat Borders. Who is still legging it out in the minors.

And if you didn’t catch it, Minnie Minoso, the timeless 77 year old (see his career stats here) ballplayer became the first to play professional ball in seven decades. “How about that!”

Bob Graham Watch - - What is Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bob Graham, up to now? David Warren hunts Graham down on his vacation to get him to answer for his latest embarrassing actions. A Canadian was beaten to death in Iran, a dangerous place to be sure, doubly so if you happen to be Canadian it would seem. Here’s Warren on Graham:

“Bill Graham, our really embarrassing foreign minister -- a man of cruelly limited intellectual capacity, and no personal presence despite his freak appearance -- was reached by phone in Corsica, where he was on vacation, by Canadian reporters. He had spoken to the Iranian foreign minister, Kamal Kharrazi, who could give him no hard information whatever but assured him they were investigating.”

Kirkpatrick Speaks Out on N.Korea - - Adam Daifallah, of The New York Sun, writes today that former Ambassador to the UN, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, told an audience that long term peace between North Korea and the United States.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Double your Tarantino - - Miramax confirmed that Quentin Tarantino’s next film, “Kill Bill” will in fact be released as 2-90 minute films beginning this fall. Say what you will about Mr. Tarantino, he successfully convinced crazy Miramax chief Wienstein to make this happen. Could be double our pleasure or double the problems. Double your Tarantino Kung Fu.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

$48 Billion? - - That seems like a bargain to get Saddam out of power if you ask me.

One more dance - - I have never been a huge Rickey Henderson fan. But the fact that at 44 he is coming back to the show for one more dance is awesome. Henderson signed with the Dodgers getting him out of the minor leagues that he has been tearing up all season. This should be fun to watch. Stay tuned.

’04 Update: Bush Economy - - The Democrats have been pretty hard on this economy. And because the primary season will be over so quickly, leaving a large campaign against Bush in 2004, all the negative bashing of the economy today could be just a set up.

As Larry Kudlow explains Bush’s economy is set to recover (was there any doubt?) And the timing is such that it may just bite the democrats in the butt.

’04 Update: Graham Talks Impeachment - - Hey is that a tin ear you have Mr. Graham? Sen. Graham like the other candidates won’t let this uranium story die.

''If the standard of impeachment that the Republicans set for Bill Clinton, that a personal, consensual relationship was the basis for impeachment, would not a president who knowingly deceived the American people about something as important as whether to go to war meet the standard of impeachment?'' Graham said.

Meet Bob Graham - - The latest in my series on the Democratic field is up at American Daily today. "Meet Bob Graham: Nascar Man" is the 5th in the series. Next up is Senator John Edwards before we move on to the loose cannons and wild cards and those people just wasting our time.

"Part of Graham’s appeal is that he is likeable. However it is hard to say which Graham you’re likely to meet. Is it the notorious tightwad who, “drives a 1999 Mercury Sable and slows golf games by retrieving lost balls from lakes.” Or will you meet the man, who has, “$7.6-million, thanks to a hefty stock portfolio and his family's beef, dairy and development business.” Will the real Bob Graham please stand up?"

Monday, July 14, 2003

Austin Bay, Glenn Reynolds, Iraq, Flypaper Strategy - - Glenn Reynold’s explains and explores the idea that the simple act of having troops in Iraq is the flypaper that will exhaust our terrorist problem. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

It’s not pretty. It may no even be the deliberate strategy of the US. No one wants the soldiers to be in any danger. But they are taking plenty of the bastards with them. Flypaper. Dead flies.

’04 Update: Graham don’t know much ‘bout history - - Sen. Bob Graham’s performance on ”Meet the Press” was about as impressive as his 16 years as Senator. This great stuff, from

GRAHAM: “I think it is immoral for this generation, breaking a long tradition of American history, where each generation, the generation of the Civil War, the generation of the First World War, the generation of the Second World War, basically paid their bills. It's only been in the last couple of decades that we have started this idea that we could avoid responsibilities by passing it on to our children and grandchildren. . . . how did Franklin Roosevelt find the money to pay for World War II and how did Woodrow Wilson pay for World War I . . .?”

To which, Opinion Journal’ s James Taranto says: “The answer to Graham's question is that they ran up huge deficits. According to the U.S. Treasury, the national debt was just $3.6 billion as of July 1, 1916, six months before the U.S. entered World War I. It had ballooned to $5.7 billion by the same time in 1917, $14.6 billion in 1918, and $27.4 billion in 1919--a peak it didn't surpass until 1935.

Similarly, on June 30, 1941, a bit more than five months shy of Pearl Harbor, the national debt was $49 billion. It grew to $72.4 billion in 1942, $136.7 billion in 1943, $201 billion in 1944, $258.7 billion in 1945, and $269.4 billion in 1946 before beginning a brief postwar decline.”

The French, Uranium, why the British are sticking with behind this and more - - Here is one article that in just a few paragraphs hits a home run. There was credible evidence of Niger trying to get some uranium to Iraq, and that French intelligence is believed to have tried to keep MI6 from revealing some of this credible stuff. Really…Happy Bastile Day Jerks...

About Raines - - Andrew Sullivan picks at the carcass of former NYT’s chief Howell Raines.

To France, with Love… - - I was shocked to learn that Jonah Goldberg had forgotten that today was France’s National Holiday. In fact he claims that he is going to write a column this week defending the French claiming that while he still detests them, he has lost his taste for French bashing. Will wonders never cease?

But he does, thankfully, provide the links to the past….


Sunday, July 13, 2003

C's are .500 - - Brock Stephenson probably one of two people blogging the Vancouver Canadians minor league club, reports that were playing .500 ball after tonights win. They are on a 5-0 run and face Boise again tommorow! More here.

The New Stuff - - Two new ones are up! Over at Enter Stage Right I jump into the Bush Lied about the uranium debate with "The 16 Word Gamble". Ben Affleck, Tom Clancy, Monica, Clinton, Maureen Dowd and more all on display. You figure it out.

And to get the CRTC off my back, I have some future election stuff about our soon to be leader Paul Martin. "The New Don" is over at Bureaucrash Canada and will frighten the pants off of libertarians as Paul Martin tries to buy off the west some democracy voodoo. Predicting the very first federal to West payoff boondooggle! Hooray! Having our cake and eating it too. Warning Don Corleone references abound.

Worst Sunday News Show Moment - - I am watching the usual Sunday morning news shows. Rumsfeld, as always, is excellent. But the worst thing I have seen is the preview of “This Week’s” roundtable discussion. They show panel member Fareed Zakaria was shown reading his own book. Look natural Fareed…ouch that is lame.

Beyonce the tramp - - Beyonce’s July 4th extravaganza at Grant’s tomb is ruffling some feathers. And rightly so. There is nothing good about dancing and dressing like a stripper on the grave of an American President. Please no Clinton jokes…

Griffey Jr. Back? - - With Bonds and Sosa moving on up the all time home run list in recent years, the man once touted as the surest chance to break the all-time homer record has been deathly silent.

I have taken plenty of glee that Ken Griffey Jr., who abandoned Seattle just when things were getting interesting, has been barely treading water since joining Cincinnati in 2000. Sure, that first year he hit 40 homers and drove in 118. But in 2001-today he has hit a total of 43. That is 232 games, 724 at bats.

Let’s compare to the older Bonds who in the last three seasons has played in 375 games. 1133 at bats. And hit 149 homers. Okay that wasn’t fair. And let’s remember that Bonds is almost 40! So don’t make me compare Griffey to someone that is pinch hitting.

Last night Griffey hit a homer in his 5th consecutive game bringing back memories of the eight-in-a-row he accomplished a decade ago. But come on this is a guy who at 34 is acting like an old man. He is batting a worthless .245. Look I remember when Griffey was next best thing, then the fan favorite, and a guy who dominated things while he was in Seattle. He has 481 home runs. But he was on track to pass 500 homers two seasons ago. His best seasons were 1997 & 1998 and add that given his injury track record he doesn’t have much time left to shine.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Pirate Movie - - Alright. I saw it okay. I saw the infernal pirate movie. But you know what? It was actually pretty good. Already, I found it more enjoyable than T3, Charlie’s Angels 2, or The Hulk. Pirate movies are truly a strange and unruly beast. But somehow this one managed to work.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a fun romp. It was madly mis-marketed if you ask me. I never got a sense of how much fun the movie was watching the commercials. Basically the movie is trying to figure out whether Johnny Depp’s “Jack Sparrow” (who I agree is a strange, yet compelling creation-& too much creepy eye makeup, but I digress) is the world’s worst pirate, or possibly the world’s greatest pirate. He is probably both, but he has so much fun doing it, you can’t help but watch. Thankfully there were few “peg legs” and other pirate clichés. But, and this shouldn’t be taken lightly, the pirates have the best ugly teeth, ever.

Sure there is plenty of cheesy ahoying and typical pirate talking points, but the crowd I saw it with loved it. Geoffrey Rush was great, but I must ask (a la Craig Kilborn): Orlando Bloom, what up? He is completely blank. I don’t know why people-fine, “girls”-are so smitten with him. He is completely useless-go back to Lord of the Rings freaksville you poser. On the other hand, the damsel in perpetual distress, Kiera Knightley, is lovely.

Barry Bonds - - Okay, whatever you want to say about Mr. Bonds, he is impressive, most impressive. 12th consecutive season with 30 or more home runs. Matching the record of Jimmie Foxx in 1929-1940. Not much of a welcome home for Arizona pitcher Curt Schilling. Can Bonds get the 17 homers in the second half of the year to match Willie Mays and number 3 all time. Impressive.

Last years Champs - - Anaheim’s Angles seem to be strutting some of the magic that brought them to last years big dance. Today they beat the faltering Twins (who have dropped 7 in a row) and the Angels are on a hell of a tear: and are now only 4 ½ from the wild card.

Marlins Going for it - - David Pinto has a short post on why it is pretty cool that Florida is picking up players and making a run of it in 2003. Florida is still in the hunt at the All Star Break, and instead of dumping players they are filling holes. With Dontrelle Willis pitching like an ace, the Marlins are set to keep up to the wild card race.

Friday, July 11, 2003

The Weekend - - I had planned to do much more blogging tonight. But it is too hot to be at the robot monitor all night. Dispatches will go into overdrive tomorrow with a review of that pirate movie, more baseball than you’ll ever care to read, plenty of stuff on the ridiculous charges against Bush and the uranium, and much, much more. Until then see ya…

And speaking of pitchers - - Detroit Tiger sensation Mike Maroth just lost his 13th game. Can he lose 20…

What you talking ‘bout Willis - - Dontrelle Willis by the graces of crazy Dusty Baker is being named to the All Star Game as Kevin Brown can’t make it.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

The Yankees of the NBA - - Hard to believe but the L.A. Lakers have added Gary Payton and Karl Malone this week. Payton, Kobe, Malone, Shaq and add Fox in there and you’ve got yourself a hell of a team. Now if San Antonio doesn’t get something this off season they’ll be flashes in the pan. And it now seems that other stars, say Jason Kidd, are reevaluating a switch to the West.

Lackluster All Star Game? - - Allen Barra absolutely savages large parts of the line-ups for next week’s Baseball All Star game. And he makes some great points.

Here is what he says about Alfonso Soriano, 2B, New York Yankees. “I may be alone on this one, and if I'm wrong you can call me up in five years and Bronx cheer my cell phone. I don't see the greatness in Soriano that the New York press keeps talking about. He has tremendous power and great speed, but no discipline at bat (he averages better than one strikeout per game) or in the field (he's led the league's second-basemen in errors two years in a row). Five years from now they'll be trying him out in left field.”

He has plenty to say about your favorite players.

Skin Color, Dusty Baker, and the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde that is Tim Salmon - - Matt Welch needs to write about baseball more often. But here is a new one on Dusty Baker’s recent comments on why Latinos and minorities with dark skin are better suited to play in the heat. I guess he’s never seen Tim Salmon play. Welch has the details on why Baker is wrong, Salmon is good in August, piss poor in April, and why none of this should mean Baker should get the boot.

Some Advice for Mr. Bush - - National Review has some excellent, almost campaign ready advice and commentary for President Bush. The editorial claims, quite rightly:

“We have never been under any illusions about the extent of Bush's conservatism. He did not run in 2000 as a small-government conservative, or as someone who relished ideological combat on such issues as racial preferences and immigration. We supported him nonetheless in the hope that he would strengthen our defense posture, appoint originalist judges, liberalize trade, reduce tax rates, reform entitlements, take modest steps toward school choice. Progress on these fronts would be worth backsliding elsewhere. We have been largely impressed with Bush's record on national security, on judicial appointments (although the big test of a Supreme Court vacancy will apparently not occur during this term), and on taxes. On the other issues he has so far been unable to deliver.”

Here is one strategy for Bush: “To get back on track will require effort from President Bush, congressional Republicans, and conservatives generally. Bush ought to bear down on spending; we suggest that an assault on corporate welfare, followed by a reform of the appropriations process, would be a fine start. Republicans need a strategy for dealing with the judicial usurpation of politics that goes beyond trying to make good appointments to the bench — a strategy that now has a two-generation track record of nearly unrelieved failure.”

Say it ain't so - - World Famous Sausage Race at Miller Park goes terribly wrong. The humanity. . .

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Running with Bulls - - The annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain is happening all this week. The opening run was carefree, but yesterday's saw three people get "gored" (which, thankfully, has nothing to do with Al Gore). This surely must be one of the greatest things on the planet.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Lakers add Payton - - Forget whatever 'trip' Kobe is on, The Lakers are prepping for the next season. They signed Gary Payton, and could Karl Malone be far behind at this point? Will 2003 simply be the year that came between 4 or 5 Laker championship seasons.

Cleveland Rookie 1-hits the Yanks! - - Billy Traber one hits the Yanks as he goes the complete game. The Yankees continue to look shaky and inconsistent.

The Tillman's - - Pat and Kevin Tillman are back from serving in combat duty in Iraq. The former NFL player and his minor league playing brother are stateside once again, and now are entering elite training with the Rangers, training in the Tacoma Washington area. Anytime an athlete says anything stupid about how hard their life is, they should remember the Tillmans.

19 Months in - - People are getting pretty antsy over Iraq. But lets not forget that less than two years ago we were at a precarious stage in Afghanistan. Well we are still there, but look, there are now picnics happening in the place. It isn't out of the clear, yet, but as they say, things are getting better all the time.

NWL Update: “How about that” - - Caught a second Vancouver Canadians game tonight. What a lovely evening. Overcast, no wind, Nat Bailey about 1/3 full(so they say, I would guess it was about 1/5 full at best). Canadians dropped this one to the Eugene Emeralds 8-4. But two highlights: first, C’s center fielder Andre Ethier hit a two-run inside the park home run (you don’t see that everyday). Second was Fernando Valenzuela Jr’s 3-5 night at the plate (which were 3 of 16 hits by the Emeralds).

Young Fernando is batting .250 with 2 home runs and 13 RBI’s in 20 games. The C’s are now 8-13 on the season-and still in the basement. Eugene improves to 12-9 and remains in 2nd place in the North West League’s Western Division. But another entertaining night to be sure. Oh, and my goodness the cute blonde girl selling 50-50 tickets was charming.

Talking Third Basemen - - David Pinto of the wonderful Baseball Musings takes a look at Yankee and Brave Third Basemen, thier piss poor production and some options. The Braves are in pretty decent shape they could move Chipper Back to 3rd and find an outfielder with some better than Vinny numbers. The Yanks could move Jeter to third, and find a half decent shortstop. An interesting debate at anyrate.

Monday, July 07, 2003

'04 Update: "What you talking 'bout Howard" - - Jonah Goldberg asks the most relevant question of Howard Dean. What the hell is he talking about? Jonah wants anyone to try to figure out this stuff

More: Goldberg also has some thoughts on what to make of Dean's promise to gut the DNC of slimeball in chief Terry McAuliffe. All out war between the Clinton wing of the party and the real lefties. Well it wouldn't be pretty, but it would be excellent sauce for the goose.

Reds get rocked - - Ryan Dempster lasted only four giving up 7 hits and allowing 6 runs. He let a homer go from a guy hitting .200. Damn. But hey he got zero help from his team.

How do you spell relief? - - For the Atlanta Braves you have to say New York Mets. Braves faced the Mets today and Chipper Jones teed off with two long ones. The 4-game series versus the Montreal Expos wasn't so bad either...They took 3 of 4 from les Expos. Now have two more with the hapless Mets.

Leave it to Reynolds - - Very few people would know about the Ugandan band that spreads the good word about privatization! Glenn Reynolds does so to get in on the Africa pile on with Bush there this week.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Toronto Star strikes out - - This week's ESR column is a round up of the recent controversy surrounding the Toronto Star's endless pit of silly commentary on the racial composite of the Toronto Blue Jays, why Alfonso Soriiano can't take many walks, why Jamesian theory is having deep effects on baseball, why Jackie Robinson would have been playing for Oakland if Billy Beane had been in someone's front office in 1947, and why some people are incapable of dealing with it.

Props: This article was the result of reading the Star's coverage, Matt Welch's site, Colby Cosh's site, Baseball Musings, and Eric McErlain's blog. They had some great stuff and insights about this subject. McErlain's look at Robinson in particular was fantastic.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Advice from Max Boot - - Max Boot suggests opening a colonial office not because America needs or wants an empire, but becuase they must, for everyone's sake, win the long term peace in places like Iraq.

Pujols.... - - hits another one. Sounds like a genuinely nice guy from the interview I saw on Fox today. But he is on the hunt for that Triple Crown something fierce now.

Watching the Curse of Babe Ruth Series - - and really enjoying Clemens getting roughed up by the Red Sox. Check out the box score. But the Sox have hit 9 home runs in two games so far against the damned Yankees.

'04 Update: See Dick Run - - American Daily has publushed my latest in the '04 Democrat Field Series. "Meet Dick Gephardt: See Dick Run" is ready for you to read now! While writing it, I actually came to start rooting for this old guy. I would love to see him get scrappy with Dean before the summer is out. Stay tuned.

Slip Slidding Away - - Canada has slipped from its once high perch on the UN’s annual quality of life index. In probably the only thing the UN did for the United States in the past three years, America into a statistical tie with Canada on the list. What will this news prompt our Prime Minister to do next?

Bush, Politics, & the war on terror - - Bush was on the road yesterday helping to celebrate America birthday. One thing struck me as interesting. The US really is on a world wide offensive against terror, everyday. But you know what; surprisingly the administration is keeping it all very low key. What is going on in places like the Philippines? Or Georgia?

For an administration accused in the past of trying to politicize its war on terror, they aren’t doing much of a push from what I can tell. Sure Bush’s speeches are pretty war heavy, but he could they could be owning the nightly news hours and internet and papers with the latest and greatest from all fronts of this global war. Maybe this will be the case in 2004.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

A Night @ the Nat - - Saw a wonderful little game tonight with the Oakland A’s (Single A) affiliate Vancouver Canadians taking one from the Everett Aqua Sox, final score 4-3! Lovely evening, perfect temperature, and we saw the first homer for the C’s at home this season.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Hello, Braves… - - Florida is having their way with the Atlanta Braves this week. 8-1, 14-1 (in a rain delay)…

Let me be the first to condemn this - - Why Bill Murray, why? Garfield the movie and Bill Murray is voicing the damned cat. Can any good come of this? Call your office Bill.

Good Company - - Ezra Levant has compiled a list of his favorite Canadian pundits and bloggers. The list is small but distinguished. And ye old Dispatches is right there with Colby Cosh, David Frum, Adam Daifallah, and Mark Steyn.

Update: Someone was kind to email that Jeremy Lott and I, and the section on other new media sites that Ezra liked earlier today have been taken off. Strange doings. Maybe it was all my Canada trash talking today, or my review of Charlies Angels 2.

The “Safe” - - ESPN’s Page 2 is starting a summer long series on major-league ball parks starting with Seattle. I’ve been a bunch of times, and it was nice to read a realistic review of the park.

He didn’t mention the “Porter Special” you get at the Southern BBQ place. Pulled pork and a huge smokie in a bun. Only good can come from this. I felt sinful eating such a mouthwatering delight while John Smoltz and Greg Maddux were playing outfield during the Braves BP last time I was in town for a couple games. And trust me, he’s right there is actually free parking. We got free parking to the Saturday game and we were maybe an hour early, but it was four blocks or less from the gate of the park. Only good…

140th Anniversary of Gettysburg - - John J. Miller has a new book review on the subject. And while your doing that check in here for some more information. Still powerful stuff today.

Happy Birthday Canada - - In a grossly detestable turn of events it is Canada Day…and Mark Steyn doesn’t write in a Canada any more. Another voice lost. But he does have a collection of classics all somehow related to this nation on his website.

Try this on for size, Steyn on Canada Day from 1999:

“Pol Pot ushered in Year Zero: history began with him. But, in fairness to the old mass murderer, he did not intend to halt history itself, to deny the passage of time, to establish a permanent Year Zero. That's been left to Canada, the lo-cal, easy-listening Cambodia of the frozen north, and its banal and evasive symbols of ‘national identity’.”