Saturday, May 31, 2003

Blair Answers - - Tony Blair isn’t finished his work as America’s other and the Coalitions, unofficial, Secretary of State. Blair goes on the offense again against growing accusations about the rational of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Faustian Bargain - - Peter Mackay was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party tonight. One strange development was that in the fourth ballot Mackay was backed by anti-free trade candidate and farmer David Orchard. While Mackay denied that this would mean a change in policy for the conservatives on free trade he did say that they would review the free trade agreement itself. This is a terrible Faustian bargain. I hope that Mackay quickly turns his back on Orchard; otherwise this party will be treading water for a few more years.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Then we got high - - Today I have a new article up at a great site called Bureaucrash. My liberty minded friend Peter Jaworski kept asking if I’d like to contribute and finally I have-so look for some more attacks on bureaucracy from yours truly in the near future because if there is one thing Canada does well, its wasteful government. It is all about the possible new Marijuana law in Canada (if you scroll down you’ll see the genesis of the column in a Dispatches post).

Saving the Post - - Damian Penny is trying to single handedly save The National Post and he thinks they should hire James Lileks. Its just crazy enough to work I say.

Bush and the French - - With George W. Bush you never quite know where his personal diplomacy is going. Take this for instance. Bush is sounding pretty forgiving to the French in this Washington Post article. I was kind of hoping for the Dennis Miller line: you might as well get into the rowboat with Fredo because you “are dead to me.” But he takes the high road.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Elder Statesman of Canada - - Think of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as Canada’s equivalent of Richard Nixon. A man whose image was so tarnished when he left office that he still makes a certain segment of the public check for an in-flight vomit bag. But in recent years, as I see it, the guy makes some sense. Nobody every liked the GST but can we deny the success of the Free Trade Agreement with the US? (Well some would)

Today Mulroney is talking about the crazy chances of a Conservative upset in the next election. It is pretty far-fetched. But the idea that 50 Ontario seats could be contestable isn’t crackpottish. No sane person would suggest the same about the Alliance chances of stealing an election.

God Bless America - - 5 Cuban migrants fleeing Castro’s (Cuba, “the creepy old uncle of the axis of evil”) regime washed up on shore and went to the nearest bar, asking the bartender for asylum. They got a round of applause, beer, and t-shirts. Take that Fidel! (All courtesy the amazing Dave Barry)

The next stage - - This week the intellectual battle ground has an emerging debate: what to do with Iran. Sullivan has some preliminary insights. He links the possibility of peace between Israel and the Palestinians to the Iranian backed Hezbollah. Meaning that if we stop that chances might improve for ‘the road map.’ One thing that got me in these opening salvos of debate is how much this feels just how the Iraq debate begun. Soon Cheney will start making hard-core speeches. Next Powell will take a soft line. After that, well you get the point about how this will unfold.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Now here’s some things you don’t hear often - - A sentence with the words President Bush, radical, Africa, positive, Bob Geldof, outclass, Clinton. Andrew Sullivan find that Bob Geldof is not “off his trolley” when he praises the current administrations policy on AIDS and Africa.

Make him go away - - Bill Clinton has been talking about trashing the Amendment that bars him from serving a third term. In this case people we should look North to Canada and the three terms our exalted leader has won since 1993. We all want him to just go away and he is next year after 11 mind-boggling years. Don’t touch the 22nd Amendment. Don’t. Hey I like George W. Bush but the hell if he should be able to serve the pleasure of the people for longer than two terms as president-the hell.

For Canadian PM, everything is Personal - - Jean Chrétien has assailed President Bush’s administration for its deficits. That’s rich coming from the party that that is most responsible for our national debt and basically patenting the word “boondoggle” for its various failures the past decade. How about a tax cut you half-wit?

Getting tough with Iran - - Rumsfeld & Co. are talking tough with Iran. Elsewhere Rumsfeld is waxing poetically kicking it with some free verse.

African Prescription - - Radley Balko has the link and breakdown for what Africa needs to get on the right track.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

New York Times Watch - - You’ve probably read about the recent troubles at The New York Times. Well here are two other items for you to think about.

Item One: Do you remember during the war Times writer R.W. “Johnny” Apple Jr? See’s coverage of ”Apple Sauce” or ”Apple Turnover” for a hint. In short Apple was happily writing about “soft shell crabs” and fine wines until the Times put him on to cover the war. And he was quickly ‘fisked’ left, right, center, up, down, and reached around by the “Blogging League of America” for all his hysterical proclamations.

Now Apple is back writing about the mundane with his latest opus about “the hoagie”-the much loved sandwich. Now tell me friends, does this help or hurt the newspapers rep? I honestly can’t tell. On the one hand he is writing about a sandwich, on the other hand what were they thinking. You be the judge.

Item Two: After all the scandals lately can you take articles professing cheap and tasty red wines seriously. Did they really taste them? Or did an intern do it? Again you be the judge.

10 Reasons to not get too high - - I have some pretty libertarian tendencies, and certainly I am not rabidly against this new legislation in Canada to decriminalize marijuana. The problem is, that I don’t trust this government. For one, this issue should not be up for debate currently. We have bigger fish to fry (see my earlier posts about Canada’s Military and Foreign Policy to start) for goodness sakes. Hey Ottawa how about doing something about SARS and MAD COW before you turn the nation into a horde of rinky-dink potheads.

The other problem is that if there is someway to screw this up, this government will do so, and it will end up costing us taxpayers’ money. Someone will need to ticket these people right? The last time the government undertook some policy tinkering it cost us cash-it was the gun registry fiasco.

I’m sure there is some secret deal already afoot with (a) some sleazy advertising firm from Quebec or Halifax (b) or worse both to (c) to counter the negative aspects of drugs that will (d) cost more money than a hotel mini-bar (e) in the hopes that these places will vote Liberal in the next election and no doubt (f) the ads will have to be done at least twice. (g) And lets not forget that the Bush administration is not too happy with this either, (h) surely Jean and his buddies didn’t do this simply to get under John Ashcrofts skin? (i) No that couldn’t be true (j) or could it…

So if you ask about my libertarian credentials, forget about it. This issue ain’t worth it.

Unfortunate Reminders - - A brief history of the Clinton Administration. I guess it is getting to be that time heading into a new presidential election cycle and all. Oh and those new Clinton defense books by Sid and Hillary.

Sea Kings Still Alive - - Canada has decided to keep the already ancient Sea King helicopters for another 11-years at a maintenance cost of over $300 Million. 40-year old helicopters (of which we are only talking about 28 in total) Add this to the $500 million that we spent on not, repeat not, replacing these flying death traps 10-years ago and the government has spent nearly a billion dollars keeping old helicopters barely alive.

No surprise that the contact went out to the pork haven Maritimes provinces. Surely the Liberals aren’t playing politics with the military again right? This article hammers home an interesting stat too. For every hour of flight the Sea Kings require thirty hours of maintenance. (That is 1 Hour of Flight = 30 hours maintenance!) So crunch the numbers people-another 11-years of this stupid game will mean endless maintenance. I suppose if they don’t crash first.

**Dispatches New Feature: “The Graham Watch”** - - I have been following the man who is charged with administering Canadian foreign policy, Bill Graham. I will from time to time share some of the thoughts from Canada’s top diplomat. Our first episode comes from a recent speech Graham gave in Germany. Here is the Goofy Graham quote of the week:

Graham: “These latter considerations led Canada to decide against joining the coalition of countries that went to war in Iraq. This was not an easy decision. It was one that we made after careful reflection on all the possible consequences of reacting either one way or the other. It represents a perspective that we share with many friends in Germany and elsewhere. I am proud to tell our American friends that it makes us better friends and allies: friends who bring their independent perspective to relations are always more valuable than those whose motive for following is solely based on preserving the relationship.

This is logic defying if you ask me. How a semi-important power can suggest that not helping to overthrow one of the world’s most ruthless dictators makes Canada a better friend or ally than say Britain or Australia is preposterous.

Clinton v Bush: A TIE - - A new Gallop poll sees George W. Bush and Bill Clinton tied for third place in the Greatest US president in its regular survey. Lincoln, Kennedy, and then Clinton & Bush. These sorts of things don’t amount to a hill of beans. That said, I am sure the Clintonites froth at the mouth when their guy ties with W.

Tory Resurgence? - - The Canadian Alliance Party has been a huge failure as far as I can tell. And It seems like I’m not the only one who is at least thinking about the future electability of the Conservatives, progressive as they may claim to be. More Alliance are supporters jumping ship.

Agent Lileks Matrix Review - - Read this damned funny review of the Matrix by the one and only James Lileks.

“Did I mention that there’s a Spunky Kid in Zion? An eager Spunky Kid who idolizes Neo? Gosh, Neo, next year I’ll be old enough to join a crew, and I was thinking I could join yours! It’s as if someone sampled a ladleful of an early draft of the script, pursed their lips, and finally said “Needs more Wesley Crusher. And maybe a dash of Short Round.” At one point the Spunky Kid gives Neo a gift from all the other orphan kids down at the Zion Orphanage and Bean-Paste Processing Center. It’s a spoon. Get it? A SPOON! Because as we know from the first movie, there is no spoon. Except when there is.”

Mistaken Calculations - - More evidence is emerging that the recent al Qaeda attacks on in the back yards of their supporters was a terrible gamble. ”The Street” is now marching opposed to terrorism. A couple more attacks in the heartland of the fundamentalists might destroy the movement from the inside out. It is something that I would have thought the Islamic Fundamentalists understood.

Damn! - - Someone is on the case for making a documentary about Michael Moore. Okay, it isn’t actually about Michael Moore-instead the filmmakers promise the truth about a great nation.

Rumsfeld: On Iraq - - Donald Rumsfeld reasserts why he is the man. Seven weeks. Seven weeks. People are getting a little crazy about the situation in Iraq and need to remember it has been seven weeks so far.

The Real Deal on Strauss - - Finally a interesting article about Leo Strauss that doesn’t make him sound like the Emperor from Star Wars.

Next Stop Iran? - - The one man think tank on liberating Iran, Michael Ledeen, is feeling ratcheting up his rhetoric as the Bush administration is getting close to finalizing its policy toward another member of the Axis of Evil. Will this policy make him totally happy? Stay tuned.

Monday, May 26, 2003

The terminator - - Sounds like a man getting ready to run. A great thing as far as I can see it.

Time well spent - - Articles such as this really make you wonder what is going on in Canada. $100,000 has been spent trying to redesign the logo for the Canadian Armed Forces. They are on a second go around because the latest one is, well, er, ‘sissy-ish.’ What do they have a team of monkey’s working round the clock on this one? Sleep well tonight friends Canada is quite safe are military is on the job.

The Same Guy - - Is uber-snob and French foreign minister Dominque de Vellepin actually the “Merovingian” from Matrix Reloaded?

The Curious Case of the Disappearing Nation - - My latest piece for ESR is now up! Would anyone notice if Canada just went away? All that debate plus Matrix Reloaded, Plato, SARS, Jonah Goldberg, Al Gore, Annika, William Bennett, Avril Lavigne, and the lost city of Atlantis are all somehow related.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Worth the read - - A quick shout out to Bene Diction who clearly is blogging on celebrating a year blogging. Go say hi. I never celebrated my one year-perhaps a blow out next December when Dispatches will be 2.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

King of the wild frontier - - Davy Crocket mini nuke grenade thingy. More on “mini” nukes here and here.

The good, the bad, and the buffy - - Okay, this one goes out to some peeps (Bruce, Anth, Aaron) who might me better know as Three Men and a Lot of Buffy, or the worse moniker :Buff-Heads. But whatever your views I’m not sure Buffy is the greatest television show ever. It’s a ridiculous statement. Hello! Simpson’s! Whatever. Here are a multitude of links on commentary for this damned show’s demise:

Treacher,, Goldberg Layne, Virginia Postrel, and it goes on here.

Trek commentary - - Sort of watching the season finale of “Enterprise” while reading and pulling lint from my belly button. Something about 7 million people getting killed on Earth. Now the Enterprise is going to figure out who did it to them. Sounds like terrorism and a posse to me. Oh dear god. They just went off to some dangerous quadrant of the galaxy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

’Dime’ Review - - Saw Matrix Reloaded. Good kung fu, bad speech by Morpheus, a misplaced rave scene-yes rave scene, funny French dude, Monica Bellucci is good, car chases are cool, talk is cheap, when does the next one start.

New Digs - - For the great blogger Damian Penny. Check it here. And FYI, sometime soon Dispatches too will be moving on up like the Jefferson’s to some new digs & a long needed redesign. It may take a few months but it is coming. Gotta keep up with the Pennys as it were.

Back to High - - So we now find ourselves back to high alert status. Seeing the terror attacks in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco it makes sense to raise the alert.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Couch Blogging - - I don’t have a wireless internet system robot yet. (I stress the yet) But I bought a very long cable and tonight I am going to push the lazy meter up one more notch, by Blogging from my couch. Productivity is at an all-time low.

Canadian Defense Debate 2003 - - Thank goodness Colby Cosh summarized this lengthy posting marathon on Canada’s Defense Department by ”Bruce Rolston and his “Khaki Paper.”

I have two additions to this. One, the Canadian Alliance shouldn’t be writing white papers on anything these days. And two, asking questions like why or if we need a military are best relegated to college campuses and beatnik coffee shops. This is not to say that the arguments by both the Alliance and by Rolston (whose analysis is detailed and intelligent) are wrong, in fact either could be right, but really we need a military to be taken seriously in this world-now more than ever.

Scary… - - Why is CBS paying Ray Ramano 40$ million? Good question. Sure, they couldn’t get the same viewers by getting someone named Jay Gamano-surely everyone must love him too.

Heath Care Spending - - Fat people cost the heath care system too much money! Yes and so do all those meddlesome skinny sick people. Shut up.

End of an Era - - Lakers hopes of four in a row are dashed. Jack remained positive.

The NY Times Saga - - Ken Layne has the final words on the NY Times scandal: “I think I figured it out: The people who run the New York Times are insane. Really insane, like those bums who stagger down the street making chicken noises while their filthy pants slide ever downwards.”

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Here we go again - - Looks like Al Qaeda is back to its old tricks. Glenn Reynolds has the dirt on why the media isn’t paying enough attention to it, and how telling it is that their latest attack is pretty much in thier back 40.

More on the Laser - - from Bill Gertz. No mention of Sharks.

Costas versus Moore - - Right Wing News has the goods on an interview between Bob Costas and Michael Moore. Moore it would seem is now pushing the “US knows where bin Laden is” garbage-oh goody that Disney paid for oped-documentary will be rather amusing.

Pollack on Pollack - - Neal Pollack resigns from the New York Times and mocks them all the way to Funtown.

Must Read III - - Sullivan demands vigilance and always keeps his eyes on the ball.

Must Read II - - ”The Brain” (Dep. Sec. Of Defense Paul Wolfowitz) understates why, in this interview/article, this rebuilding of Iraq will take time and patience.

Must Read - - Max Boot breaks down the post war Irag and Imperialist America stuff.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Alliance Loses - - Is it bad when you cheer when both the government and the loyal opposition lose out to a third rate “I-can’t-believe-it’s-conservatism” party? No, of course not. Sauce for the goose.

Laser Beams - - Looks like Kim is really turning into Dr. Evil. I hope the laser beams came from Sharks.

List of Lists - - 10 things to hate about Star Trek. Yes the Federation is there-like a UN in the future.

Here’s a thought - - Talk about this amongst yourselves: Vaguely listening to Larry King in the background. He is blabbering on about the Laci Peterson case. With the events of the past 6 months, and in the larger 20 months is the constant court news craze over with. It all sounds about as interesting as watching the…. zzzzzzz.

Great Interview - - Steve Martinovich the great editor and all round good guy from Enter Stage Right gets the interview with Mark Steyn. I bet that ESR is having a record day! Not to mention other articles getting notice too.

Hardball 2004 - - Glenn Reynolds this morning is urging the Bush Administration to play a game even Chris Matthews would love, HARDBALL. In short he suggests that Bush slam big corporations on intellectual property law because it is the right thing to do. And for extra special bonus points, to challenge the move by Disney to fund the next Michael Moore opus “Fahrenheit 911” scheduled to be released in the ’04 campaign cycle.

Special Note: If anyone, say Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes (Read FOX), wants to have a counter documentary I am sure that I could arrange one if you give me the cash boys. Pitch: Think of someone interviewing Moore, Chomsky, Clinton, Dixie Chicks or whomever in the same patented ‘awe shucks’ motive that Moore does except that you are exposing their lefty views. Cut to: instant hit with the Dennis Miller/NASCAR/Red State/anti-idiotarian set. (Contact me If you have money to burn and an axe to grind)

Two trick pony? - - Timothy Noah details the tax cut and war fighting party that has become Bush’s presidency. He says that if this is the case he will be a one-termer. While you may not be able to rally the nation around two simple issues; at least they have two simple issues. And I think that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Overhaul - - I like the fact that Bush is willing to quickly replace people who aren’t performing in post-war Iraq. Jay Garner is out, Paul Bremer is in. I say good.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

No Jackson - - Phil Jackson is not at the Lakers game this afternoon. Phil has had tightness in his chest for about a week and had an angioplasty yesterday. Now they have to win one for the zen master.

Soggy Bottom - - US Treasury Secretary John Snow said the US economy was “soggy” today. He made his case for the Bush tax cuts as a solution.

Last word - - I knew that if I waited long enough, Mark Steyn would write about the big issues of the past few weeks-Bill Bennetts gambling and Rick Santorum’s views on homosexuality.

Linda and the Nukes - - Linda McQuaig has an oped in the Toronto Star today. Her is her break down of missile defense: “In other words, the missile defence scheme could help make it possible for Washington to aggressively strike, including with nuclear weapons, what it considers to be rogue states.”

This bothers me. Where has Linda been the past 9 months? The debate in foreign affairs has been entirely about what to do with rogue states, and while Iraq was nuke-less, North Korea isn’t. And it should be aggressively engaged; its regime overthrown. But if we are going to safeguard our liberty and our system then we’ll need technology to enable us to act when we have to-if that means missile defense, so be it.

McQuaig also speaks about “far-right Republican circles” and the “dream of a winnable nuclear war.” You are right Linda, we should just allow every crackpot not only to get nukes but then inhibit us from doing anything about it. “All that shyness changed with 9/11. Suddenly, it was all right to talk openly, not just about torturing terrorist suspects, but about waging nuclear war,” writes McQuaig. And yet no where in her article does she get anyone, other than a 1981 throwaway quote, to seriously suggest that missile defense equals probable use of nuclear weapons. Was she watching the battle of Iraq? The US doesn’t need nuclear weapons; rather they need protection from them. The truth is that people like this-people I guess in “far left circles”- don’t want action, they want the status quo-or worse they want to go back in time. They want to constrain American power and continue to live in a world where dictators have more rights than democracies and free people.

Alive - - Last nights NBA action was interesting. Philadelphia is still alive and Dallas made it 2-1. I know my friend Anthony will be please that Sacramento looks shaky.

Sandwich Critique - - All I can say is that this is a positive development. The “Fisking” of a sandwich. I would never put Arby’s in the same category as McDonald’s anyway, more blogging reviews of food are good.

This just in…Capitalism is good - - I don’t think this will make me buy a Honda, but this ad is pretty neat-o. Pretty clever and better than most of the current car ads. (Via Hit & Run)

A Hatched Survivor - - Heather Havrilesky has a pretty amusing analysis of the 6th season of “Survivor.” Yes, I watch it too. I should have watched the whole 60 minutes of it Thursday but invested in watching the Vancouver Canucks blow it. Hey the tribe is speaking in Vancouver we want some changes-vote some of these deadbeats out.

But anyway, “Survivor” is pretty funny this season. It is fitting that a real player, a Machiavellian gamer like season one’s Richard Hatch, has entered the game once again. I tuned out the last few seasons because the players were like what a Hollywood producer would cast if he was making a reality show about surviving. Go Rob.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Frightening - - Brock Stephenson at MEP has unearthed a truly frightening discovery. ”The West Wing” in French. If there were a hell, being forced to watch “The West Wing” (or “A La Maison Blanche”) in French would be it.

That’s all folks - - It is now 4-2; pretty sure that is it for the Canucks. I am now going to hide my precious treasure before the trashing of the city begins.

More Miller - - Dennis Miller is having quite a week. Wall Street Journal Piece, Leno spot, response from WSJ Target Norman Mailer (“Just because the two big guys who flanked you on Monday Night Football took away your balls and left you with a giggle in replacement doesn't mean you have to suck up to The Wall Street Journal"), and this little expose here. Go Dennis.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Stanley Cup Update - - Canucks have forced another Game 7. This time by losing two-straight. Water cooler talk today was that the Canucks had deliberately lost Game 6, to increase revenue for the team. Five Men Out” or just the curse of the Vancouver Canucks? You be the judge.

Why do they hate him so much - - Watched “The West Wing” tonight. I haven’t missed much. Every time I tune in, something terrible is happening. Assassination attempts, shootings, stalking, and now kidnapping. Why do they hate Bartlett so much?

Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Report - - No, No, no, seriously dude, but this might mean in two weeks. Actually I mean yes.

Welcome to Saudi-Canada - - Petroleum World reports that Canada has now, due to some tar sands technicality, found itself that it is second only to Saudi Arabia on the oil reserve front. Now liberation must be at hand.

Dude, you’re a pathetic clown - - I wasn’t going to make much of the story of Ashton Kutcher, moron-star of “Dude, Where’s My Car”, latest outburst of idiocy but after reading Colby Cosh today, who takes him to task, I couldn’t resist the post. It is not cool to name-drop the Bush twin’s party lifestyle. Dude not good, not cool.

Me thinks your 15 minutes should be up. I can’t wait to see Ashton on the 2011 season of “Surreal Life” with

Norway’s Rumsfeld? - - Details of Norway’s Minister of Defense who is some strange combination of Donald Rumsfeld-Condie Rice-Frederique Van Der Wal. Glenn Reynolds found this baby, and I say that it is good.

A unique cultural moment - - When NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd starts talking about how cool Ali G and his show are does that mean that the show has been given the kiss of death, or simply just jumped the shark?

This takes the cake - - Canadian troops are back in Afghanistan, not allowed to carry guns, protected by “the Germans”, and embarrassing us all. What a joke.

MORE: Canadian Press has more detail on this insanity. Here is the Canadian, er, Defense Minister:

"Soon the papers will be signed and I can assure . . . the House that when the time comes in August for our people to be deployed, they will be fully and appropriately and legally armed."

Why deploy them at all without signing the papers and giving the 25-man team some guns? Sure they are liaison and camp preparation workers perhaps they don’t need guns. Please everyone has an AK-47 there, but our Canadians don’t. 1,800 additional troops are scheduled to arrive by August and demonstrating the capacity of the Canadian Air Force they will probably go on a charter while the equipment goes by ship, to the land locked nation.

Maybe this is nothing. Canada hasn’t signed the force agreement so their soldiers can’t carry guns until they do. But why aren’t we signing on the dotted line? Do we not have 25 guns right now?

Looting, what looting? - - It would seem that the looting of Iraq’s Museum was seriously overexagerated. Big time.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

”Two Faced Slime Balls” - - Sometimes I feel like Hannibal from “The A-Team” because I love it when a plan comes together. Sullivan has the sordid details of Chirac’s unilateral action-sending French wine to Tony Blair; but only 200 pound a bottle wine. Cheap bastard.

Dear god - - 70 cents plus

A cry for help - - Gertz has the dish on the, yes, French, possibly helping fleeing Iraqis escape to Europe. Clearly it is a crying out for help, for intervention.

Whoops - - The Vancouver Canucks must have thought it would cool to play another game so they deliberately threw this one-I’m on to you Cloutier! Brock Stephenson has a flashback to a similar game in the blessed 1980’s.

Drain Pipe - - Masked Wrestler goes to work with the mask on. And no, I know what your thinking, this doesn’t reflect poorly on a the endless drain pipe that is the Japanese government and economy. Everything is fine. I feel like Ross Perot in 1992: what in the heck is that giant sucking sound?

You know I would only feel good about a masked politician if he was the mayor of Toronto and it was a statement of seriousness on the SARS problem; or perhaps a French monarch and his mask was made of Iron but he was really Leonardo Dicaprio.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Steyn - - This just in…Steyn is good.

When will the tyranny end - - Perhaps I’m a troglodyte-I don’t yet have a dish-but why is it that we can’t get HBO on my teevee robot? HBO hasAli G on now. Canada will probably get the show in about a year. Is it any wonder we can’t figure out the world around us today, when we get television shows after the fact? No keeping up with the Jones up here.

Long National Nightmare over? - - Mickey Kaus details the possibility that with Aaron Sorkin leaving the West Wing, the crazy insane alternative universe worm hole the show has been since Bush was elected might finally end.

Another One Captured - - Biological scientist captured.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Where we go from here - - Andrew Sullivan has some sound analysis of where things go from here. Iraq’s regime is gone; Afghanistan too, there is hope in Iran, and possibilities elsewhere in the region. But the war goes on. And things are not going to get any easier.

Democrats Debate Fallout - - What a sorry lot these guys are-the Democrats race to oppose Bush has all the star power of WB prime time lineup. Will Saletan debunks the debate and the major players.

I still think if I were doing a reality show-“All Democrat Candidate”-I would want to nurture Lieberman and Sharpton as my two favorites. They are the candidates to watch if you ask me-and you probably didn’t. Lieberman makes the most sense to me and Sharpton is just fun to have in the race. If you want me to add a third I might say Graham.

Safire has his favorites too. At any rate the candidates are going to have to eat some of their friends before this gets interesting.

Dennis Miller edging into Commentator-land - - Dennis Miller takes his first stab at opinion writing-I hope someone offers him a full time gig. Since the Iraq war began he has been one of the most thoughtful and amusing voices going-here is a taste:

A guy like Mailer hates a guy like Bush because Mailer thinks of himself as infinitely smarter than Bush and yet President Bush is the most powerful man on the planet and old Normy's connecting through Atlanta and flying on prop planes to a community college that's so far out in the sticks the mail rider has yet to arrive with the message that The Great Mailer is currently more out of the loupe than a jeweler with conjunctivitis. All so he can scoop up a submicroscopic honorarium and the accolades of star-struck locals and 18-year-olds who mistakenly think Mr. Mailer wrote "Gravity's Rainbow."

’X’cuse me but X-Men 2 is boring - - Saw X2 yesterday. It may be racking in the dough but avoid this movie at all costs, it will bore you to tears. And most of the reviews are insane. How can you spend that much money and not have a decent movie?

Wine and Cheese - - Spent Friday night at the Dr. Hirner Institute for Wine and Cheese. Hats off I say. I even broke my rather short and silly trade war with France and took the Institute a bottle of “Fat Bastard.” Merlot. The label seemed appropriate to be made from the succulent grapes of France. What is next? “Cheese Eating Surrendering Table Wine” Let’s hope not.

And can you go wrong with a wine that thinks this way: “Bloody Capitalism. It was either that or hold some god awful Fat Bastard telethon. I deemed Capitalism to be more humane.”

In praise of Pastrami - - Yum

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Giant - - Watched the replay of Bush’s speech on the carrier-and the footage of his carrier landing. The man’s a giant now. Read this to get a sense of what landing a jet on an aircraft carrier is like. It isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Howard Fineman apparently called this speech ‘the strong horse’ speech. People generally like strong horses they say.

But Andrew Sullivan thought the whole thing might have been slightly over the top. Too much and not quite the right tone for the end of the war.

I disagree. The speech works on so many levels- it has got mad game baby. Think of Neo at the end of the Matrix plucking bullets out of thin air. It plays (especially the landing) to the troops-who did all the hard work. It plays to the world (The USA is like the Lakers-hate us all you want, but we might grab another title). How about politics? Put any of the ’04 democrat candidates and see if they could have pulled it off? Shall I go on?