Thursday, March 27, 2003

Where is bin Laden? - - Glenn Reynolds is making an interesting observation today. Why hasn’t bin Laden released a new tape supporting his buddy Saddam? Again, there is going to have to be some real proof of life soon, or he must be dead.

Hey Michael Moore, Shut Up; We’ll defend civilization - - Michael Moore responds to those who took issue with his self indulgent Oscar speech.

Read some of his thoughts:

“The pope even came right out and said it: This war in Iraq is not a just war and, thus, it is a sin.

Those thoughts were with me the rest of the day, from the moment I left the church and passed by the homeless begging for change (one in six American children living in poverty is another form of violence), to the streets around the Kodak Theater where antiwar protesters were being arrested as I drove by in my studio-sponsored limo.”

“My opinions about the state of the nation are neither unknown nor on the fringe, but rather they exist with mainstream majority opinion.”

“It's liberal, it's for peace and it is only tacitly in support of its leader because that is what you are supposed to do when you are at war and you want your kids to come back from Iraq alive.”

Read the whole article. There is even some grassy knoll, second shooter, booing theory that explains that there were only a few in the cheap seat booing, then people booing the booers.

See also, NY Press, compilation of 50 most loathsome New Yorkers:

“Slagging on this pandering blowhard is nothing new—especially not in these pages—but he makes it so easy. In the despicable Bowling for Columbine, the lumbering behemoth makes fun of working-class whites in order to make over-educated whites feel better about themselves. His arguments against gun control are simplistic, weak and mired in the cloying stink of self-service, which smells suspiciously like a fat man’s crack. Every time Moore comes out in support of a liberal band or politician or fellow celebrity—as he proved last Sunday night—the hardworking, intelligent and reasoned left is degraded by association. It’s time for activists to jettison the ballast that is Michael Moore and start repairing the damage.”

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Can you hear me in the back - - Strategy Page (which is an awesome site) has the top ten myths about the war in Iraq. I’ll show you the money one:

“4-The United States armed Saddam. This one grew over time, but when Iraq was on it's weapons spending spree from 1972 (when its oil revenue quadrupled) to 1990, the purchases were quite public and listed over $40 billion worth of arms sales. Russia was the largest supplier, with $25 billion. The US was the smallest, with $200,000. A similar myth, that the U.S. provided Iraq with chemical and biological weapons is equally off base. Iraq requested Anthrax samples from the US government, as do nations the world over, for the purpose of developing animal and human vaccines for local versions of Anthrax. Nerve gas doesn't require technical help, it's a variant of common insecticides. European nations sold Iraq the equipment to make poison gas.”

Read them all. All of them damn it.

The New Allies - - All about Poland and Australia. Two emerging pillars of the Western Alliance.

Hockey Legend -- Wayne Gretzky backs Bush and supports the troops. For his thoughts, his statue was hung with a “U$ Lacky” sign. Go Wayne. And to the sad anti-war loser: move to France ingrate.

Quote of the Day/week - - Professor Reynolds pointed out this amazing post and photo by David MSC.

“Look. These are the coffins of six members of the United States Air Force. They did not die as a result of enemy fire. They died while attempting to transport Afghani children to a US medical facility for treatment. That is what the United States does. To all those who say, "...but what about Afghanistan? We haven't fixed it yet..." and other such whining, I say: screw you. Six brave airmen died trying to make life better for children and their families who were brutalized under a tyrannical theocratic regime. Show me any other nation that does this as a matter of routine, 99% of the time without any press or media attention.”

And Speaking of Awesome - - Right Wing News has this amazing photo.

Synergism - - Austin Bay breaks it all down for us. Awesome.

Good Signs - - Sullivan sees some plenty of good news so far. “But there's some hope to be gleaned at least by what hasn't happened. The oil fields seem secured and haven't been set aflame. No chemical or biological weapons have yet been used. Iran is quiescent. The Turks have not invaded. Israel hasn't been attacked. These are all good signs. So far, the worst hasn't happened.” But he is realistic about the bad news too. Read on.

Hollywood Moment - - Props to Rod Dreher for finding this Jay Leno story:

“Jay Leno had a good crack tonight about Hollywood's standards. To get the joke, you have to know that Roman Polanski, who won the Oscar the other night for Best Director, couldn't be there to accept it because of an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Anyway, Leno remarked that he was driving around listening to an L.A. talk radio host going on about how weird it was that Mel Gibson is building his own Catholic parish. The deejay said that Mel must have lost his mind.

"Don’t you love this town?" said Leno. "You drug an underage girl, you rape her, you flee the country, you get an Oscar. But you build a church, and it’s 'What are you, nuts?!”

Kelly with the 3rd Division - - How the hell did I miss this-Michael Kelly is with the troops in Iraq. Great analysis of what’s going on, and why we might have to alter the battle plan and go door to door before hitting Baghdad.

Canadian Poll numbers - - Here are the latest. We would have supported going to war. What stand is our government taking? I think I’ll call it Operation Wussy.

Dissent in the Canadian Cabinet - - Do you think wannabe PM John Manley believes his government has botched its Iraq policy and should have supported the war? Maybe, or he realizes where the country is going to end up on the issue, and is positioning himself there to catch us.

Now the number is 50 - - Condie Ricebreaks down the latest coalition numbers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Why the US will prevail - - And here’s why. Don’t tell PETA, but the US has dolphins helping them with mine countermeasures. This dolphin’s name is “K-Dog”. Go get him boy.

How is the war going? - - Well if you believed every breaking news story on CNN, or Gen. Barry McCaffrey, not so good. Ralph Peters says otherwise.

“Yeah, I'm being cocky today. Because I'm sick of being told how brilliant our enemies are and how our troops are going to get whupped up on by some Kmart Hitler. Might I pause in my literary endeavors to point out that, while our troops are approaching Baghdad, Iraq's Republican Guards are still quite a distance from Washington, D.C.?

Yes, serious dangers remain. It ain't over until the fat Iraqi squeals. There will be some disappointing days. We're going to try some very innovative techniques in Baghdad. Not every one of them will work. And some of our soldiers will die.”

We were just storing them there, honest - - Interesting post and links by Glenn Reynolds regarding the missiles found at a chemical factory outside Basra.

Hussein alive? - - Who knows but it sounds like they got pretty close that first night. And he is still in Baghdad.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Poland is in - - Looks like we have a new player folks. Poland appears like it is ready to ascend into the new world order post-Iraq!

A Great Canadian - - Don Cherry the famed Hockey Night In Canada Coaches Corner talking head is backing the US led coalition in Iraq-questioning why the Canadian government wasn’t supporting it. Go Don! It’s a beauty.

Saddam’s new plan - - Well it certainly isn’t let the wookie win. But alive or not, Saddam’s new tactics are in the eyes of Andrew Sullivan, terrorism.

The Saddam Speech - - Ken Layne blogs the speech as it happened. And he is pretty sure that Saddam must be dead since he, oops, forgot to mention the US POWs, oops. A live news conference with real live reporters would have been a clearer demonstration of life.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Project Realignment - - Finally yours truly has written a new article. The latest issue of Enter Stage Right is online now, and my contribution is ”Project Realignment.” Read it and everything else there.

Which brings me to this: “Daring”- - Someone, some talking head military analyst dude, used the word, “daring” to describe the coalition battle plans. This is something, in a word, that has been largely overlooked. The plans of the coalition to first attempt to decapitate the leadership then see what came of that, only to move to “shock and awe”, and now quickly moving through Iraq fighting along the way-sending some troops far ahead, leaving others to mop up.

Utilizing Air, ground, and sea to simply overwhelm the Iraqis. In the next few days, the coalition will be engaging on the ground in Baghdad. The Daring of this operation is utterly amazing. To think that all this is going on, while the high tech bombs being dropped are trying their best to minimize civilian casualties, and to inspire the enemy to surrender. Not to mention that the engagements of the past 24 hours could very well have been done from the air-but again, civilian casualties are being minimized, troops therefore are being put in danger. That too is daring.

Now for some timely good news - - Despite the tough fighting today, the coalition isn’t backing down one bit. Troops are building in Northern Iraq. And by the sounds of reports, the 101st Airborne is probably on the move too.

Too much even for Hollywood? - - Moore’s self serving acceptance speech at the Oscars was received mostly coldly with boos. Although I did see a bunch of the spoiled brats clapping like seals, but for the most part the theatre wasn’t impressed by Mikey.

More on the Chemical Plant - - Little Green Footballs has the links to this evolving story about a chemical plant the coalition found today. It is super camouflaged, and Blix’s team drove past it earlier this year. But wait a minute weren’t the inspections working?

60 Miles - - Helicopters engaging the Republican Guard sixty miles south of Baghdad.

Day of Days - - The events of today have been both sad and incredible. The last 24-hours in particular have been full of the fog of war, and as the coalition forces approach Baghdad, the fighting has intensified.

Up to nine US troops have dies in major battles in Southern Iraq today.

American troops paraded on TV as Iraqi reveals its first POWs.

Chemical cache found?

And more.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Worrisome news- - That the US hasn’t found any weapons of mass destruction yet. Too early to think that Saddam is holding back the chemical stuff for the siege of Baghdad, but given the mobile laboratories, they could be anywhere by this point. Also the continued lack of a northern front is going to slow down the action somewhat. Hopefully not for very long.

Then this news that a grenade attack injured 10 members of the 101st Airborne

Friday, March 21, 2003

Baghdad in 3 or 4 days - - News that coalition forces could be in Baghdad within 4 days.

Saddam is done - - The people of Iraq are warming up to the American invasion.

Liberation is well under way.

Our Own French - - Canada, who is off the beaten path during this conflict, looks even worse when this sort of thing happens. Booing the US National Anthem at a hockey game.

North Korea feels left out - - The Michael Jackson of evil states is feeling a little bad because the US is spending so much of its time in Iraq. Well be careful what you wish for buddies. As Jonah Goldberg, channeling W this morning suggests: “Kim, boobie, we can just move all of this stuff to the Sea of Japan.” Shock and awe Palooza?

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Magic Number 45 - - Support appears to be growing. Forty-Five nations are working in a coalition. 45!

Oh yeah, and these are interesting facts too:

*The population of Coalition countries is approximately 1.17 billion people.
*Coalition countries have a combined GDP of approximately $21.8 trillion.
*Every major race, religion, ethnicity in the world is represented.
*The Coalition includes nations from every continent on the globe.

Quote of the Night - - Lt. Smash has this to say from the front:

“Saddam fired a couple of those Scuds that he doesn’t have at me this afternoon. He missed."

The Searchers - - Instapundit had a bunch of stuff that involves refuting Tom Friedman’s notions of posse, and the great film “The Searchers.” Hey I like Friedman-he’s a great writer, but I agree the guy is probably deficient in his western-film-as-metaphor-for-US-diplomacy-department. Sometimes you can’t get the posse to follow through, but that don’t mean the job isn’t worth doing. And no, I am not wearing a cowboy hat.

I want proof of life - - Hussein needs to show himself or turn into the Osama of this conflict. Who knows maybe they’re both alive? But being unseen certainly seems to make it difficult to inspire.

Updates - - Read Blogs of War and The Command Post for constant updates throughout the day. I’ll be at work.

I’ll eat Turkey for Lunch - - News that Turkey is allowing their airspace now. As a gesture of good will, I will eat some sort of Turkey product for lunch.

Quote of the Day: Was it Saddam IV - - Jonah Goldberg suggests that it must have been ‘the real Saddam’ (not to be confused with the real Slim Shady) and here’s why:

“If Saddam was looking to make a show of strength, he wouldn't wear those glasses. Reading from that pad he looks like an old man trying to figure out why the deli raised the price on the chicken noodle soup.”


Update: He also thinks this would be funny: “if President Bush hired a body double -- maybe Will Ferrell? -- to give a quick statement to the American people?”

Intelligence for Initial Strike - - The Corner has some info (no link) on the possible intelligence that led to the surgical strike last night: 'The U.S. targeted the leaders after engineering reports yesterday that Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz had defected, Sky News reported, citing unidentified offficials. The reports prompted Aziz to go on live television yesterday to prove his loyalty, allowing the U.S. to track the source of the transmission and follow Aziz's movements, Sky reported.' In other words, we flushed out Aziz, followed him, and made him drop a dime on Saddam without him knowing it."

Assessing the Damage - - Reports on what happened.

US Psychological Warfare - - Central Commands gallery of leaflets that are being dropped on Iraq. 2 million plus so far.

Was it Saddam IV - - Ed Driscoll has the photos too.

What happens next? - - Stephen Green figures that 1pm eastern time, could be the return the original plan-that tonight was simply a chance to win the lottery, and the shock and awe could happen tonight in Baghdad.

Something to keep in mind - - USS Clueless warns everyone not to get too sucked into the confusing reports that will come out in the first few days of the war.

Was it Saddam III - - You have to read Ken Layne’s war postings so far. Layne claims he is not an evil dictator or anything,

“Also, I heard a bit of talk about Saddam's secret army of doubles, which is always pretty funny to think about. Yet nobody mentioned the comical Groucho Marx disguise worn by the so-called real Saddam: funny hat, big old weird Larry King eyeglasses, an extra bushy blond-ish mustache, and some sort of scarf. How the hell could anybody tell if it was him or not?”

And this post on the media, gas masks, and Oliver North.

Three SCUDS - - Or perhaps some other missile. Pentagon has fired three Patriot Missiles to intercept and hit one. Two were anti-ship missiles which landed harmlessly.

Was it Saddam II - - The pictures from the website for the Rather-Hussein interview don’t look much like the guy on tv last night. Unless that bunker buster last night came so close that it turned him grey.

More on the SCUDS - - here

Was it Saddam? - - Kathryn Jean Lopez and Rod Dreher have some questions about the man giving Saddam’s speech last night. Lopez isn’t sure it was the man Dan Rather interviewed; Dreher takes issue with some of the same questions I have raised.

Cessna crash bomber? - - CNN is reporting the crash of a Cessna plane near a Marine camp. The plane appears to have come from Iraq, in some possible chemical attack.

China rebukes war - - Sounds like political posturing for the home front, but we’ll see.

Scud retaliations - - The radio in my room kept playing the news, and the air raid noises from Kuwait totally woke me up. I guess this means the war has started in earnest now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

CNN War Tracker

Wolf Blitzer is waking Brown up - - Wolf is analyzing the Saddam speech and wondering why he hasn’t acknowledge that the American’s tried to kill him. Tapped?

No strategic exit plan? - - The first of many NY Times editorials, that as Andrew Sullivan tells it, will attempt to snottily try to undermine the war.

Still trying to figure out the logic of this graph:
“There is no strategic exit in the offing, as there was when the coalition forces stopped well short of Baghdad in 1991. Now it is Saddam or nothing.” Isn’t getting Saddam a strategic point for departure? As I figure it there doesn’t need to be an exit when you overwhelmingly delivered victory.

Aaron Brown needs a nap - - CNN’s Aaron Brown is talking about hand to hand combat already.

Shock and Awe 3 - - Matt Welch wonders if the ‘shock and awe’ battle plan of weeks back was delightful misinformation of highly surgical strikes. (He also offers great words for the troops. I totally agree.)

Operation Scramble - - Captain Mojo is wondering if it really was Uncle Iraq too! And he describes the official Iraqi response to this small ‘target of opportunity’ as pretty much “operation scramble.”

Bravo Australia - - No time for Fosters, the Aussies are in on the action. Good work.

Shock and Awe 2 - - Many seem to be disappointed in the lack of bangs so far. On the other hand it might be a strategy to reveal the Iraqi game plan response. If there is one.

What happened to SHOCK AND AWE - - James Lileks is first out of the gate for most thoughtful post during the first day of war. The picture of Slim Picken’s (why not), almost a relief it has started (“Grim sense of relief, really - for the last year every day has seemed like we’re climbing a mountain trail, and every corner turned revealed another corner up ahead.”), and what will come next (“As someone said on a webpage I flitted across today - World War IV, SW Asian Theater, Mesopotamian campaign.”)

More - - Obligatory Washington Post cover story.

Saddam’s Response - - Okay then, he is delivering a speech from a trusty note pad and some other scrap of paper. Is it really him? Well probably, or perhaps prerecorded, but it looks like he had his crazy son draft the speech, I guess the cocktail napkin was too small.

Waiting for Hussein - - It has been an hour now. Seems rather confusing.

UPDATE: Wait there he is.

The Opening Shots - - Missile wave following the initial aircraft raid.

A distraction from war on terror? - - I guess the answer to that is a stern, no. Rooting out terror and attacking Saddam-I don’t want to be too crass, but it is like chocolate and peanut butter.

Operation Iraqi Freedom - - Is well under way. Bush announces what appears like an opportunity taken to attack right off the bat.

Was Saddam Hussein the target? You’d have to think so, why else would the DOD report that the target of the surprise attack was Iraq’s Great Creepy Uncle. On the other hand he would have to prove that they didn’t get him.

What is America’s Vision Now? - - Pat Buchanan is usually more of a nuisance, but in the end you had to know that he’d merely want to support the troops. But he is raising some interesting points in his column today.

“The New World Order of George H.W. Bush's vision, where the United States would work through the United Nations to police the world, as free trade spread and democratization deepened, can now never be realized by his son. The Clinton vision, where America would nurture the institutions of World Government that would grow in power to constrain the sovereignty of nations to create world peace, is also dead.

What is America's vision now?”

It is a good question. But I think it is kind of like asking what the vision of the world would be in 1941. Hard to say, we haven’t won the war yet. But I would think that the vision is going to have to take into account the 9/11 realities while realigning alliances, organizations, and institutions. The Post WWII World served us for almost 60 years, but it might be time for a new template. Part of that involves taking on some of the problems that lie in the Middle East-a place the WWII order simply didn’t spend enough time thinking about.

Fall Out - - I mentioned, briefly, yesterday Tom Daschle’s opinion on Bush’s speech on Monday, and then of course the next step. Jonah Goldberg breaks down the problem with Daschle’s new found talking point.

“Again, last fall, Daschle supported the use of force when he voted to authorize President Bush to disarm Iraq if he deemed it necessary. And with that vote in his pocket, George W. Bush went to the United Nations and extracted a 15-0 vote from the Security Council telling Saddam -for the 17th time -to disarm.

Saddam refused, and the president tried to get the French and others to support him. He failed at that because the French showed their cards: opposing Bush is more important than their integrity. It's sad to say, but it looks like Daschle is holding the same cards. “

Saudi Arabian Logic - - Our Saudi friends are offering to put Saddam up if he flees Iraq. Insert own quizzical head scratch here.

F.O.S - - Austria has its own Friend of Saddam. Crackpot Joerg Haider praises Saddam.

Radio Free Iraq - - US Forces are trying to win the hearts and minds.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Blair-Vision - - Get on your 3-D Tony Blair goggles friends. Full text of Tony Blair’s speech today. With that, Andrew Sullivan concludes, “There is no question that it was France that scuppered any deal, any ultimatum, any attempt to get U.N. support for final pressure on Saddam. Not Cheney. Not Wolfowitz. Not Bush. France.”

I wonder if Tom Daschle read heard this speech?

Hey Tom, did you catch this Blair tidbit: “11 September has changed the psychology of America. It should have changed the psychology of the world. Of course Iraq is not the only part of this threat. But it is the test of whether we treat the threat seriously.”

Magic Number - - Thirty

Crazy doesn’t take a day off - - Tobacco farmer has driven his tractor into the reflecting pool in Washington DC. Says he has explosives. It ain’t never boring in the USA.

French Reality Check - - Clifford D. May says not to dump your merlot down the drain, but to vow never to bother the security council with the world’s problems. Oh there is also the nasty issue of France’s unilateralism, which seems to get a free pass. We were only doing what the French are doing.

Dave Barry has his two cents too. Basically: sure we hate each other, that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

“Yes, relations are at an all-time low. The French view us as a bunch of fat, simplistic, SUV-driving, gum-chewing, gun-shooting, mall-dwelling, John Wayne cowboys who put ketchup on everything we eat, including breath mints. Whereas we view the French as a bunch of snotty, hygiene-impaired, pseudo-intellectual, snail-slurping weenies whose sole military accomplishment in the past 100 years was inventing the tasseled combat boot.

Sadly -- as is so often the case when people resort to vicious stereotypes -- both sides in this dispute are 100 percent correct. But the fact that we hate each other, with good reason, does NOT mean we can't be friends!”

Dump the status quo - - The heart of the coming war is a rejection of the status quo. Hitchen’s breaks it down for us. In a nutshell: be against the war, but why be on the side of a terrible dictatorship?

Mikey’s World - - Michael Moore weighs in on the issues of the day. Where to start? Well he makes a compelling case for not bashing the French, but of course France can say whatever they want, they handed the USA to Americans.

“As Bill Maher said last week, how bad do you have to suck to lose a popularity contest with Saddam Hussein? The whole world is against you, Mr. Bush. Count your fellow Americans among them.”

Wrongo. Popularity for the war in America is higher than pre-Gulf War I. 21, TWENTY-ONE, European nations support war! (As opposed to 5 who don’t and some others who are on the fence.) Even Clinton is Hawking out.

Yellow to Green to Orange - - Yesterday the color scheme went from Yellow terror threat status on St. Patrick’s Day, Green, to Orange terror alert status. And MSNBC has a 48-hour count down timer. 32:58 currently left of the 48 ultimatum Bush gave yesterday.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Moment of truth - - The inspectors have been politely asked to leave Iraq. Powell is about to speak this morning; Bush is addressing the nation tonight. This isn’t your usual St. Patrick’s Day kids. Latest poll has growing support for war. Must have been that good cop-bad cop shtick with Chirac that sold it here. Let’s roll.

Friday, March 14, 2003

War Council - - Spain, Britain, and America are meeting this weekend. The question is, whether the rest of the world is going to face the music.

Freedom trumps peace - - Pete du Pont lays out the case against the peace at all cost crowd. Its compelling. He mentions Lincoln too-there has been a lot of that lately. It goes something like this if I was channeling the guy in the big hat: The world cannot remain half free and half tyranny. It will either become all one thing, or all the other. We have to help make sure the former succeeds.

Emailing Fun/Harmless Speculation - - Email the President of France. What could be funnier? Thank him for bring around the supporters for the war. Bravo. Is this another elaborate plan emanating from the Bush Administration? Send out France as a diplomatic patsy, hold war council at eve of UN failure to act, and then vote next week with ducks all lined up. A stretch to be sure, but this is the kind of thing that makes history.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Democratic Contender Chart on the War - - Loved this article/chart from that tries to put the democratic contenders in their respective hawk and dove camps. I especially like the waffling icon, which is naturally a waffle.

Sand Huggers? - - Ken Layne found a story about a battle between ‘tree huggers’ and ‘sand huggers.’ As Layne suggests, “hijinks ensue!” Indeed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Canadian Troop Movements - - The Corner pointed me to this ”news story” about the deployment of 18 Canadian troops to the Persian Gulf region.

First Question: is it worth even transporting 18 troops at a time? Do the words economy of scale mean anything-I would imagine you would want to fill a plane right? Second Question: an actual news story? Crack reporting at its best. The next thing you'll read is that are being trained by the French-get out the white flags and brie.

What should happen next - - Charles Krauthammer lays down what should happen next if the world made any sense. The cards on the table:

“If the one-line resolution passes, the violation triggers 1441, which triggers the original resolutions ending the Gulf War. If it fails, you've exposed the United Nations for what it is: the League of Nations, empty, cynical and mendacious. Mr. President: Call the vote and walk away.”


Tuesday, March 11, 2003

What would Lincoln do? - - Bennett does what he does best: assigning and owning moral clarity.

Bring it on! - - Meanwhile Mark Steyn who has been on the attack Iraq front lines since the fall of 2001 just wants us to put the Iraqis out of their misery. Where is the rush to war? Where o where is the rush to war.

But unlike a rash of others he isn’t getting cold feet. And me? Well my socks are off because my feet are so hot.

UN Logo Updated - - This is not good or is it?

Monday, March 10, 2003

Fiddling while the world burns - - The Canadian Department of National Defense is planning to spend $1 billion on a new HQ while its troop readiness continues to deteriorate. Well done buddies.

More on the Canadian PM’s Sunday interview - - This time it is Jonah Goldberg who has some things to say about the PM of America’s “closest” ally. (Goldberg also figures that just means ‘geographically’ which sums up the erosion of Canada’s place in the western world.

”Hermit State” - - Damian Penny has the details of North Korea’s latest cry for attention.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Possible new website - - You know the site, What’s It compares two things, asking the timeless question, “what is better?” What if we asked the question in a different way: what is worse?

First comparison from The New York Times wondering what is worse, a United Nations serving as puppet of the United States or a United Nations serving as a puppet of France?

All right, this isn’t exactly fair, since I think a United Nations with the Americans controlling it would be good for everyone. But I digress.

It all makes sense now - - Wondering why the French have been so against the war with Iraq? Clearly it is because the French have been secretly training Iraqi troops to surrender. Does this constitute an “axis of capitulation?”

Get your “First Iraq, Then France” gear from Pave France’s Online Store.

Well Our PM says we have already won - - Here’s what PunditWatch had to say about the Canadian Prime Ministers appearance on ABC’s “This Week”:

“Last week, Stephanopolous interviewed the French foreign minister; his guest this week was the Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien. Chretien advocated a version of the late Senator George Aiken’s Vietnam withdrawal formulation: the US has already won against Saddam.”

Oh, well then I guess every thing is all over then. Chretien wouldn’t know what victory was if it smacked him the face.

Instructions manuals needed - - Say what you will about the anti-war aristocracy in Hollywood. Democracy, free speech, yadda yadda, of course they can say whatever their little pink hearts desire. But then to believe that there are absolutely no consequences? It is absurd. The great thing about free speech is that the freedom to speak out on subjects doesn’t guarantee that people will like, accept, or even pay any attention to it. Somebody write a manual-“Hollywood activism for Dummies” quickly.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Bard on War - - Nice compilation of Shakespeare quotes here. Here’s one:

Sean Penn: I will show myself highly fed and lowly taught.

Shock and awe - - US Military describes its potential Iraqi war plan as “shock and awe.” Awesome. Totally Awesome.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Musings on The Chairman - - Jonah Goldberg provides a great quote from Dennis Miller which I will shamelessly reprint in full:

"I’d like to have allies, too, but what’s happening in this world right now is we’ve got a competency chasm – we’re getting really good at what we do, and the whole rest of the world is going to hell in a handbasket. As that gap gets wider, they’re going to hate us more, and more, and more. You have to remember, we are simultaneously the most hated, feared, loved and admired nation on this planet. In short, we’re Frank Sinatra – and the chairman didn’t get to be chairman lying down for punks."

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Third rate Anti-Americanism - - Old news now, but the remarks by useful idiot, and surprisingly elected member of parliament, Carolyn Parrish which may not represent Canadian opinion writ large may have more sway than originally thought. The Globe had 23,247 submit to a poll on whether they agreed with Parrish’s view that American’s are behaving like “bastards.”

Worse 51% said yes. Clearly this doesn’t mean anything-less than a hill of beans no doubt. But what is not surprising is that the level of Anti-Americanism in Canadian pop culture has never risen above a third grade level. Parrish defended herself by saying, “My comments do not reflect my personal opinion of the American people and they certainly do not reflect the views of the government of Canada.” Come on, that means you are dumb and a hypocrite. Have some self respect for goodness sake.

I bet she says this kind of stuff at the dinner table or to her friends all the time. You see if she was a French politician she would have owned the comment. But she is Canadian and a member of the ruling Liberal party-meaning she is incapable of any credible or intelligent anti-Americanism. At least when the French pump up the “cowboy” Anti-American talk they are charming enough to have it come across as, well, almost charming (pathetic and annoying, but charming nevertheless).

Don’t get me wrong; I like the fact that our Anti-American rhetoric is about as coherent and intelligent as a third grade history report, but still I wonder if Canadians have anything important to say anymore. The French don’t either, but it is almost fun watching them try. When I watched France’s foreign minister this morning, he even denied there was ‘anti-Americanism’ in his nation. Flatly denied it. That is clearly a lie. How quickly we forget about cheese farmers smashing outposts of American cultural imperialism during what will have to be fondly remembered as the great anti-Globalization movement. But you have to respect the denial.

Turned on its head, the Americans have been dishing out their own gleeful anti-French platforms. And it is a marvel. It is pop-culture heavy (Simpson’s references to ‘cheese eating surrendering monkey’s’), full of sports analogies (“France's status as the Boston Red Sox of military history”), tongue in cheek renaming of previous ‘french’ foods into patriotic foods (i.e.: Freedom Fries, Freedom kisses), detailed messages from the French department of homeland security (think of a airplane pamphlet and a man groveling in the event of a terrorist attack) and generally plenty of fun. The idea of boycotting French wine and cheese is equally funny. Serious it is not, utterly fun-you betcha.