Wednesday, November 20, 2002

And Speaking of Jonah G - - In case you happened to miss it, I penned an article about Jonah G’s infamous wimps article. Check it out here.

Freedom continues to ring-a-ding-ding II - - Last week Canada bashing. This week Jonah Goldberg writes about expanding freedom. We got more of it.

Freedom continues to ring-a-ding-ding I - - News that the US will not be party to a ban on ‘hate speech’ on the Internet. As Prof. Reynolds suggests they will not get any, and I mean any, credit from those (perhaps Moore and Rall) that speech is being stifled. Ya, sure seems to be.

Ted Rall: Disgusts me one more time - - The Michael Moore of comics is at it again. Well at least it wasn’t another of his columns.

Spinsanity does it again - - Greetings from Churchill, Manitoba friends. Check out this great bit of work by Spinsanity’s Ben Fritz on the growing body of inaccuracies within Michael Moore’s ‘work’. The list is long and distinguished, and apparently growing too. It would seem that Moore uses his cover as a “comedian” to compensate for his outright Enron-like mismanagement with the facts.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Malkin to Aguilera: You’re a skank girlfriend - - Michelle Malkin is a fun read usually. This week Malkin has gone a little batty over Christina Aguilera. Still, when are you going to read a nugget like this: “The era of radical feminist sexual liberation has produced a generation of shameless skanks.”

Sullivan on: Bush and Eminem? Huh? - - Sullivan writes about Eminem and stuff over at What’s interesting is that he talks about George Bush and Eminem at the same time-in the same paragraphs even. Worth the read.

I saw 8 Mile last night and it was okay. It wasn’t annoying or anything. But Sullivan might be on to something. What was interesting about the film is that Eminem’s character wasn’t a total loser. He was trying his best to get his chunk of the American dream. Not only that there wasn’t anybody in the film that mentioned the government as an option. A libertarian film, perhaps not. But the fact that a movie about a crappy area of Detroit with an endless bunch of losers didn’t show anyone whining about their shot in a socialist way is interesting. Things were crappy for Eminem, but he kept plugging away.

Dispatches Housekeeping - - There may be a few last minute posts from me, but I am leaving on a jet plane to the planet Hoth to finish the Snow Walking movie. I will be too busy wrestling polar bears and trying to keep warm, and posting will be slight-okay it will be non-existent most likely.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Gotta be KD? You gotta be kidding me - - Nice work by my friend Brock Stephenson over at MEP for taking the time to visit almost-possible-future-Canadian-Prime-Minister Paul Martin’s website. I just find it hard to believe that he eats Kraft Dinner and listens to U2. Okay, maybe I believe he eats the stuff, and possibly even heard of U2 before; as for them being some of his “favorite web destinations?” Come on who is this guy kidding. But hey props for trying to be cool buddy.

Turning the tide - - More letters pour into NRO headquarters following Jonah Goldberg’s unilateral strike on the fragile Canadian psyche. This time another Goldberg-Canadian comes out for Jonah’s first strike. He’ll even fly a kite Afghan style when the doughboys come marching in to save us.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Preserving Papa’s goodies - - News that Cuba and the US will cooperate and ensure that Hemingway’s Cuban papers, booze, and knickknack thing-y’s will remain intact.

Thank the Maker, this oil bath is going to feel so good - - Layne is back posting to! Sure he’s been creepn’ out with his “Weird Files” (which are fantastically cool) but we all missed his take on non-creepy events.

Layne voted against all incumbents and NO on all propositions. Part of me says this is no way to vote, part of me says right on! And he is probing something when he says the Bush agenda is reminiscent of some revived FDR thingy. Hey it could be worse.

Thanks Mercedes Buddy - - Went over to Josh Marshall’s site, he has a article I wanted to read. It was all pay-for-me. But after I salivated over some Mercedes for about a minute I get to read it-thanks car man. No I’m not going to entertain the notion of buying one! Sucker.

The article was pretty good. In a nutshell: maybe the dems were just wrong on Iraq, actually maybe they just didn’t come up with any solution to a serious problem. That maybe there shouldn’t be opposition, but alternatives.

Goldberg Making More Friends - - Colby Cosh takes his best shots at Goldberg. Cosh thinks Goldberg is even more “mad” than Pitchfork Pat. I think the whole imbroglio is important.

All these Canadians coming out in defense of Canada is great. But I think Goldberg has opened up a debate. While Canada has played an important shaper and participant of events in the past, that time is long since gone. Argue if you want, but stick a fork in us, we’re done-no really. It is a case of what have you done for us lately. Clearly, and sadly, the answer is not very damned much.

In 2002, trading on an ancient reputation simply is no longer kosher. Get with the program Canada. This whole thing is not about the US bombing us. Grow up. It is about demonstrating what is wrong with an ally that is not pulling its weight, hasn’t been for about 15 years, and calling us on our lame freeloading and UN brownnosing. Jonah’s not the problem, Canada is the problem. Bravo Jonah. Long live Jonah!

More Hitchens Making Sense - - Mr. Hitchens, free from the confines of “The Nation” is on a roll. Again, writing in he quickly dispels the criticism of both “armchairs” (as in Armchair Generals) and the use of the term “chicken hawk.” He is on Matthews tonight, so it is a Hitchens unilateral strike.

Remembrance Day/Veterans Day Links - - These links will give you something to think about throughout the day...

Why we Remember

A brief look at Canada’s greatest battle at Vimy Ridge.

Visit the USS Arizona online.

Visit the D-Day Museum’s Website.

The Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC which also has its own Virtual Wall

Site dedicated to the graves of commonwealth soldiers who gave their lives in the first and second world wars.

The War between Jonah Goldberg and Canada wages on - - The Globe and Mail picked up the story over the weekend. Goldberg is receiving a river of emails from Canadians, two thirds of which seem to suggest Canadians lack either a sense of humor or are so sensitive to criticism that their heads will explode.

Morning - - Watching Bush on MSNBC give his Memorial Day message at Arlington. Meanwhile they are showing a split screen of the Iraqi congress and news that AP is reporting that the Iraqi foreign affairs committee (come on, Saddam’s stooges) is recommending that Iraq reject the UN’s resolution. I’ll post both as soon as they are available.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Phew…An article at last - - Please check out my new article over at (as well as all the good stuff they got going this week). My piece is all about election reax-as promised earlier here on the Dispatches Blog!

Planet of the Apes - - Beware of the attacking Monkeys.

Must Read Mark Steyn - - Explains just how cold, calculating, and successful Mr. Bush is. If he is impressing Steyn, a mere mortal like myself is, well, in utter awe-of both Bush and Steyn (‘cause he rocks).

Tim Blair On Offense - - Blair does an amazing job of both disputing some out of touch commie Brit and defending America. Many, many people don’t understand America. They just don’t get it. Well, that’s their problem. (Thanks Prof. Reynolds)

More on the cracking of 50-50 America - - Michael Barone is one of the best. And his comparison of “W” to JFK is liable to make already fragile Democrats wet their pants. (Thanks to Sullivan who also talked about this in 1999)

Welch Breaks it down - - Matt Welch’s latest Nat’l Post column makes me feel a tad smarmy. Gray Davis as Democratic Nominee for President. Wow, that is a gutsy early call. A Gore vs Davis Democratic primary season would be nice for the viewers in the cheap seats.

Why do we even bother - - News that Canada’s Air Force is using cheap fuel which consequently isn’t very good in cold weather. First thing: not such a good idea for this nation in the dead of winter.

Goldberg Dividing and Conquering Canadians One at a time - - Jonah Goldberg is posting some letters he has received from Canadians since his last articles appeared. Pro Jonah versus Anti-Jonah Really Anti-Jonah. I’d say I’m with Jonah, and these are just like the morons I have to speak with every day loafing about, er, or is that a-boot.

Anti-Globo Peaceniks give peace a chance, er sort of - - The Anti-globalization-anti-war-anti-capitalism crowd tried new tactics in Florence (and I say right on, because if they had trashed that beautiful city they would be insane). Never mind, my headline is great except that their friends in Brussels didn’t get the memo from the home office. They are not changing their spots, and they are a bore.

Friday, November 08, 2002

More on Democrat Malaise - - I know, I’m sick…Friday night and self torturing by reading “Tapped”. Check this post out. They bash Harold Ford: “he's too young, too ambitious for himself, to conflict-averse, and too slippery to be the leader Democrats need. A hoary old partisan like Pelosi is the better choice, for now. If, that is, she heeds Tapped's call for Democrats to dedicate themselves seriously to issues of national security.”

So let me see if I understand this. According to Tapped it is Nancy Pelosi who is going to be the advocator of a forceful and meaningful stand on national security. Citing an article that stresses the use, nay principled use, of the UN and NATO doesn’t seem to jive with the current political climate-both abroad and at home. But I would love to see them argue away. I would suggest following Hitchens, than Tapped. This “advanced democracy internationalism” piece (by the way written by a Clinton hack-a writer for Bill and Albright, so say no more) is more of Clinton’s foreign policy, which in a phrase was asleep at the wheel.

You got nothing, and nobody wants it anymore - - More analysis of the fantasy world of The West Wing and the real life world of the Democrats over at The American Prospect. Listening to Democrats whine about this show and their party is like watching paint dry.

Thanks Jonah - - For pointing out the obvious.

Thanks Jonah II - - For reminding me why I want out of this god forsaken place. If your keeping track that is three Goldberg posts today.

Ya Right Aaron - - Patrick Ruffini takes issue with the West Wing Election. 11 million votes ahead…

Will we ever see Michael Moore Again - - After writing this incredible stuff on his website, and given the actual election results, the question is: is Michael Moore still alive or did he smother himself in a pillow? His regular readers debate whether or not he is the Stupid White Man. The only people dumber than Moore are his sniveling wussy readers. These people must barely be hanging on this week.

Simpson’s 4ever - - Classic Deroy Murdock article on the best show on television.

Ah… My Home and native land - - Headlines today in Canada that our intrepid military is in desperate need of $100 million just to make ends meat.

And then that must give us all pause to listen to, say the head of CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) who says bin Laden is still alive. Hey its not that I’m not open to it, but why would he know? Surely he didn’t just read it here.

Ah…Those wacky French - - Turkey in the EU will be the end of Europe says ex-French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing.

Quote of the day - - “I'm listening to Harold Ford's press conference. He's running as a bipartisan Southern moderate who happens to be black. If the Democrats pick Nancy Pelosi over this guy they will be grabbing onto rump party status like it was a life raft.” Jonah Goldberg, in NRO

The clock begins - - The UN finally gets in line.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Must Read Hitchens - - Is it any wonder that the Democrats don’t have a clue about the war besides saying, “me too” when someone like Hitchens is arguing for regime change? His latest article appears in and describes regime change in Iraq as the beginning of a “slum-clearance plan” in the entire region. He da man.

West Wing Lame-o-meter - - Jonah Goldberg adds to my feelings about Televisions worst show. Judging by the ever-increasing fun conservatives, like the gang at NRO, are having they could write an entertaining show and get ratings. Hello Fox Channel call the NRO office, or me.

Woke up this morning and got myself…- - Radley Balko writes about the Libertarian messages in the Sopranos.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Meanwhile in Clint-o-Democrat Fantasy world… - - Last night George Bush led the Republican party to incredible midterm gains. Contrast that with tonight’s episode of “The West Wing” which saw President Bartlett (D) win his second term in what looked to be a landslide. His estimated 52 million votes versus his opponent’s 42 or so million depict a nation that does not even resemble America. Honestly whom are these people kidding, as if this pretentious weasel Bartlett would even be elected, to say nothing of reelected in a landslide? What Bizarro world is this show in?

I know, I know. It’s fantasy drama. Why do I continue to tune in? Well for two reasons now. One, I enjoy watching a show deteriorate and second it gives a pretty good idea what the inside of the Striesand wing of the Dems is all about.

Let me ask one question. West Wing’s ratings are down, is the audience too liberal and out of touch and therefore too small to sustain the show? MMMM.

Nice Addition to the internet and NRO - - David Frum’s new web content at NRO is very welcome.

US Election Reax - - Well, my guesses for yesterday’s big election were not too off. Thune ended up losing, but I didn’t expect (who could have) the GOP to retake the Senate. Seeing Cleland and Mondale go down was insane. I believe that I made the right choice by watching Hardball’s coverage on MSNBC which one writer called the ”liveliest”. It also had Howard Fineman who did a pretty decent job looking at the electoral map and seeing the GOP’s big night. He and Matthews made a big deal about “gambling.” Bush gambled his popularity and now he and the GOP can run the gambit-it paid off big time. 2004 is going to be like the SuperBowl. Now who will run for the Democrats since Bush is driving the situation now? (More on this later this week, trust me.)

My favorite reax quote was by Don Imus this morning. On the idea that Dick Gephart would someday run for president, “It’s over. John Mohomad will be president first.” Bye Bye Dick. Indeed I-Man. He also was great at mocking Democrats like Doris Kearns Goodwin by wondering if she had killed herself yet-clearly she had not, but it must have felt that bad.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Predictions - - for tomorrow, so that I can spend much of Wednesday washing the egg off my face, here are my very unscientific predictions.

In the House… The Republicans will pick up 5 more seats solidifying their control. You want specifics? Forget it there is 435 damn it. You get numbers.

In the Senate… Mondale will lose, Cleland will lose, and Carnahan will lose. Mrs. Dole will win. Cornyn in Texas will beat Kirk. Sununu will win in NH. Thune will win in SD. But there will be some GOP losses too. The Republicans will not gain control, but if Mondale goes down (and see Florida’s Governor race results) and the party will be in quite a state by the time 2004 rolls along.

Governors… Jeb Bush will win by 10 points or better. The rest? Not my problem. The DNC should fire Terry M. when the winner in Fla is declared.

All in all a great day for W. and the GOP. Look for major changes in the Democrats by 2004-like going left.

Wild Cards:

Dan Rather will say something both asinine and mind bogglingly partisan tomorrow night not to mention dumbfoundingly illogical and quite possibly involving some Texas mumbo jumbo to pass himself off as a man of the people (I’ll never know since there is no way, and I mean no way I will watch CBS tomorrow night-not even for the sport of seeing Rather say something idiotic.)

The major networks won’t call any race remotely close; in fact will they call anything until late in the evening?

Interesting Television - - Don’t ask me why, seriously don’t, but I was watching the most wretched cable hour these days, Donahue on MSNBC. What fun to see their two primetime hosts arguing for an entire hour preempting a bunch of Donahue fluff-including a groundbreaking interview with Ray Romano. I disagree with Chris Matthews, about 87% of the time, but man, at least he doesn’t continually stress lame 1960’s arguments and build up third grade straw men.

I particularly enjoyed Matthews comparing Phil to Michael Moore. In essence saying that Moore and Phil offer criticism of America, never solutions. Negativity, never anything positive. Donahue, you’re done. Take Al Gore and please go away.

Really… - - Something that Dispatches was thinking about a few weeks ago, and you had to see this coming. Little Green Footballs reports that UN Weapons Inspector Blix is, “a wimp.” Imagine that. My vote, is still that Arnold should be the guy we send.

Leave it to blogging… - - Andrew Sullivan describes Barbara Streisand’s agreement with the unbelievably sickening Ted Rall and his theory about Paul Wellstone’s death as “moronic convergence.”

Republican dirty trick? - - …or Democratic ploy. You would have to be stupid to think that in 2002 a flyer like this wouldn’t end up becoming a media issue. So either the Republican (s) are plain dumb, or this was someone else trying to make them look dumb.

MMMMM. And a day before the election. Imagine that. That didn’t stop Slate’s Timothy Noah from saying, “Chatterbox can't prove that this leaflet was distributed by Republicans, but since Baltimore's black population is overwhelmingly Democratic, that seems a safe assumption.”

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Heaven is - - Having a day off, finding an article like this one which makes the case for kicking the French out of the Security Council. Thank you for making my day Glenn Reynolds for pointing this out.

Lileks on FIRE - - Want to know why Walter Mondale’s possible curtain call in the Senate is not good. Read Lileks. The only person that could out do Mondale? Jimmy Carter. Yes It’s been weeks, but the Carter/Nobel deal still pisses me off, BIG TIME.

Canadian Content - - It is election time south of the border on Tuesday, so why not look at the polls in Canadian politics. What fun!

Ruling Liberal Party - - 47.5 percent
Progressive Conservatives - - 15.6
New Democrats - - 13.8
Canadian Alliance - - 12.6
Bloc Quebecois - - 7.6

The level of status quo ho-hum in this nation is staggering. The center-left (New Democrats) is on the rise and the agenda of the ruling Liberals is also going that way too.

And get this. The Liberals, according to the same poll, are polling so high because of their principled desire to force through the Kyoto agreement. Even though the country writ large is split (45 percent against, 44 percent for).

Meanwhile use of antidepressants is up 40% in the nation. Coincidence? Maybe the politics is driving them mad.

Not good - - The return of the monorail? This is not good. Been to Seattle, the Monorail is useless, 14 miles more of that is going to do no one any good. Vancouver has what amounts to a glorified monorail-we call it the “Skytrain.” Morons.

Who says Vancouver is all wet - - It’s getting dry in here.

I’m Back - - I will offer the lamest apologies fair readers, for my entire lack of posting in the last two weeks. In fact why bother. I had the opportunity to work on another feature film the past two months, this time as a cast driver. The movie, Saved, was shot on location in and around Vancouver (Okay mostly in my least favorite suburb, Surrey). Seriously I could have still posted to the site, just chose to sleep instead. I’m the deadbeat here. Take it away…