Saturday, July 13, 2002

Huzzah - - for robots

A small dose of common sense - - from the UN by excluding both American and British troops from facing the World Court. Good.

Tony Pierce solves baseball’s problems - - Tony Pierce channels up MLB commissioner Bud Selig and has some words for him. MLB in Vegas? Vegas baby, Vegas.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Let them play - - I just managed to make it home and saw the future. I saw the ridiculous 11th inning of the MLB All Star Game. The Game ended in a tie, only because there was no more bodies to play. The future, more disappointment later this summer-think strike. A tie. How lame. Oh Bud Selig, will you ever win.

Saturday, July 06, 2002

The numbers - - are more than beautiful.

A sad moment - - I may be busy, it may be late, but Ted Williams is the greatest hitter to ever live. We will miss him. At 83 Ted Williams, the last man to hit .400, a man who served his nation in war twice in his prime, dies.


Read an excerpt of Ted Williams’ biography.

Bad Blogger Con’t - - Okay the week’s blogs were as light as a feather. Sue me! Or maybe encourage me via the Pay Pal tip jar? At any rate these first three blogs are from earlier today, and were not posted due to network difficulties-hey I tried, kids.

It’s the terrorism, stupid - - I can’t see how any other issue would make an impact on 2002 voting but terrorism. The war is simply not going to be second to say prescription drugs or the farm bill.

I wonder - - In sixty years will we be still reading about terrorist we didn’t manage to find during this war?

I wonder - - In sixty years will we be still reading about terrorist we didn’t manage to find during this war?

Ready for battle - - It’s not that I don’t appreciate the news that there are plans for an inevitable attack upon Iraq, but well okay some thoughts.

First, you have to love America, what other nation pre-announces its war plans. Unilateral? Not likely.

Second, the press reports this stuff but you really have to think, that if the Allies could fake Hitler into believing the western front would open up somewhere other than where it did, that we could do likewise with our buddy Saddam.

Third, if this isn’t deliberate disinformation, what kind of a loser leaks this stuff? (Jackass)

Fourth, disappointed that we didn’t start dropping bombs on buddies’ front porch last night.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

And I’m spent - - Okay, worst blogger ever.

Whistle Dixie - - Now they’re blaming The South. Good grief people.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Sullivan ON FIRE - - Andrew Sullivan gets some issues so ‘right’ it is not even funny. His new piece called “Yankenfreude” is one such piece. In a Nutshell: The current mass of corporate problems are part of Clinton’s era and the Left & Democrats alike cannot come to face up to their decade of greed as the right & Republicans did in the wake of the 1980’s. Excellent.

Probably just as well - - I have started work helping out a Film Production for my wonderful friend Eduardo (props & thanks for the gig) so my posting schedule is going to be on the lighter side-for how long who knows. So it is perfect timing if Welch and Layne are having some alone time too. Read Layne’s sign off-it is a classic. (Good god will someone pay this man to write some articles every day or what!)

Oh and the Blogging backbone Professor Reynolds is taking a week off too. What are we going to do. So is fellow Canadian-a-blogger Damian Penny.

So it is a good thing that sometime this week I will add a new batch of sites to my links section and a slight re-org to deal with the absence of Layne and Welch.

Happy Canada Day - - Watched the Canada Day Celebration this morning. Good god. The laundry list of Canadian accomplishments in the past fifty years that started with our Public Television CBC garbage, slobbered over some Olympic games, hockey games, and ended with a celebration of multiculturalism. A nation clearly lacking any substance at all at work.

The Kitty Bomber - - Cats plotting to take over the world are training to be suicide bombers.

Market Fatigue shrug off - - Manufacturing continues to expand not so you’d notice.